Movie Quotes from Over the Edge: Quotes from the movie Over the Edge

1) Fireworks? What am I gonna do with these?
2) Give ’em to Claude. Let him smoke ’em.

1) You boys got any special reason to be hiding behind there?
2) Yea, we heard you were horny.

Cory: What are you looking at?
Carl: Nothin’——-you.
Cory: And…?
Carl: You could do a lot betteh…

Richie: Eh, do we look like cops?
Cop 2: Ya’ look like jerks….Shut up!

A community with a juvenile crime problem is not a community with a high resale value.

All That You Dream.

All they’ve got in Texas is steers and queers

Best Friend’s Girl.

Did I ever tell you about the time I broke into a bike shop?


Eat it, you stinkin’ pig!

Hello There.

Hi, I’m Richie White. I’m on probation.

I only have one law: a kid who tells on another kid…is a dead kid.

Just What I Needed.

Ooh Child.

richie she’ too stone to talk ani’t talkin to that girl

Speak Now.

The kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid.

You guys were so all fired hopped-up to get out of the city, you turned your kids into what you were running away from.

You Really Got Me.

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