Movie Quotes from Our Man Flint: Quotes from the movie Our Man Flint

–I noticed that these men were wearing Battle of the Budge ribbons.
–There were no ribbons for the Battle of the Budge.
–Exactly. These men are imposters.

-Flint, I owe you my life. The medic said four more seconds and I…
-Three more secords.
-Damn it, man, is there anything you don’t know?
-A great many things, sir.

-Flint, the government needs you.
-Yes. Well, it’s good to be wanted, sir.

-Flint, the world’s in trouble!
-Well, it usually is, but it manages to extricate itself without my help.

-It can’t be!
-Of course it can. That’s why he’s Flint!

-Hans Gruber, Hitler youth movement, escaped during the Nuremberg
-I’m a much nicer person now.

-I don’t need any men.
-You said you were joining the team.
-But the team’s not joining me.

-Ours would be a perfect world! Why?
-Because it’s your idea of perfection, gentlemen. Not mine!

-Where are you going?
-I’m going to put Galaxy into orbit.

-You traveled all the way to Moscow to watch a ballet?
-No, to teach!

-Your code book.
-If you don’t mind, sir, I prefer to use my own personal code.
-But I would rather you use the government code.
-I already know mine. It’s a mathematical progression. 40-26-36.

Man does not live by bread alone.

My interests are more personal than governmental.

Repeat after me. I am not a pleasure unit.

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