Movie Quotes from Our Lips Are Sealed: Quotes from the movie Our Lips Are Sealed

1)Listen Mr. Smartypants, we climb UP the ladder, grab the diamond, and get BACK IN THE BOAT 2) Fine, Fine do it your way. That is sooo 80s

Abby: Don’t worry i got this whole aussie thing under control!
Maddie: i think we should skip cheerleading try-outs!
Abby; ya


Mac: That is *so* eighties!

Pete: So, uh, what brings you to Australia?
Maddie: Well, I uh, my parents inherited the inn.
Pete: Really? From who?
Maddie: Oh, some dead guy.
Pete: Some dead guy?

Shella: those are the surfers pete, avery that whole crowd. don’t talk to them if you want to be popular!
Abby: wait i thought you just said the popular kids wont talk to us.
Shella: Right but on the up chance they might i stay clear!

[At school and they see everyone is where a uniform but them]
Maddie: We look like Crocodile Dundee!
Abby: at least everyone speaks english!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’: Quotes from the movie ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’

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