Movie Quotes from Nothing in Common: Quotes from the movie Nothing in Common

1)At the end, I had my father in a nursing home. I gave him the best doctors in Illinois. He was a little senile… not much. I never spent much time with him. I was too busy. Finally, when I got around to seeing him, he didn’t recognize me. Till the day he died, he didn’t know who the hell I was. 2)Here I thought you were the perfect son, Charlie. 1)No. They told me there was only one of those guys. Listen, you take care of what you’ve got to take care of. I’ll take care of Woolridge.

1)My daughter speaks very highly of you. Says you’re a great lay. 2)She told you that? 1)My baby girl tells me everything. 2)That’s some conversation for a father to be having with his daughter. 1)I raised her to be a corporate executive. I raised her to be a man. 2)So did my father, but I never tell him anything.

1)That was something we all had in common… your grandfather, me, you. We always knew had to talk a girl into bed. 2)I’m glad you still can. 1)I can’t. I can’t do it anymore.

Did you know that her middle name is Mildred? oh,she hates that Donna Mildred Martin,Donna Mildred Martin
David,do you remeber my angry voice? this is my angry voice.

How would you know? your best friend is your dick.
That’s just great,the four of us will go out to lunch sometime.

It took every ounce of courage to walk out that door.

It was nice but let’s not make a Wagnerian opera out of it.

It’s economically unsound to grow up.

Sir, I was just wondering. By eating your entire meal with the salad fork, does that include the soup?

You’re the last person I ever thought would come through for me.

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