Inspirational story #64 Awesome

Here’s another good inspirational story: Awesome

No artist on the earth could ever paint
Like Jack Frost of window pane fame,
Of mountains and valleys and lofty clouds,
And pathways through the maze.
Have you ever studied the heavens,
When the stars were shining bright,
Watching the galaxies and all their brilliance,
While stars fall through the night?
Did you ever watch an eagle,
As it soars in outer space,
It seems to float to hither and yon,
A thing of beauty and of grace ?
Just think about the northern lights,
As they race across the sky,
Why, it’s awesome, yes it’s awesome,
In the night as they race on by,

To watch a storm approaching,
Seeing clouds fight way up high,
Some rolling this way, some rolling that,
And suddenly the centers eye?

Friend you don’t know what you’re missing,
When you let the world pass by,
Take time to often look about,
At what God has made and why.

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