Movie Quotes from Nothing But Trouble: Quotes from the movie Nothing But Trouble

1)If I win, I get more cereal. 2)And if I win, I get Diane! 3)Oh, Bobo, no! Deal ’em, Bobo, deal ’em!!

1. (in Span. accent) We can pay you! We are rich!

1. Oh and no cussing. 2. Shit.

1. That is a tragic, tragic story ,Judge. 2. I believe it is.

Driven ten blocks in fifteen minutes. Not bad for a one-eyed Russian immigrant.

good luck slick

I’ll be in the penthouse if you change your mind. Thanks for the espresso maker!….and the bag of shit.

If it’s an ambulance, you’ve got a chance. If it’s a hearse, it’s got to be worse.

Just another batch of hot pistoled lilly walked city chickens to run through Grandpa Alvin’s trickhouse.

Nina, you’re pulling on my coat…COOL IT!

now you got your taint on her

Sell pork bellies, buy gold.

so that’s where they burried flipper

So, what’s on yer brain?!

That’s Pre Magna Carta. Circum Sphinctum stuff.

there’s a funky carma here man

they muck be into folk art. folk em

We’re wiiiiiiiining!!!

You’ve got a Beamer — act like it!!

You’ve got a BMW, act like it

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