Movie Quotes from Musketeer, The: Quotes from the movie Musketeer, The

1) hey you go get some more bread 2) is he talking to me or you 3)me im the baker 2)i thought i was the baker 3) there’s blood on your shirt you think that came frome a crussant

1) You’re a madman!
2) All the more reason to fear me.

1) You’re a madman!
2) That’s the second time this evening I’ve been called that, and I’m beginning to resent it!

Cardinal Riccholou: YOU CANNOT DO THIS FEBRE!
Febre: And What will you do? Condem me to hell? Well I’m certain that’s where I’m going, and I’m just as certain we can finish this debate there.

For a moment i thought you planned to talk them into unconsciousness.

I’m not dead. Now, will you please kill him.

Three times! It must be so!

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