Movie Quotes from Music of the Heart: Quotes from the movie Music of the Heart

1) Mom, we already have two spares. How many emergencies could there be? 2) Yeah, get three.

Are we having a talent show? I should’ve brought my tap shoes.

Are we having a talent show? I should have brought my tap shoes.

Brian Turner

Charles is a big jerk

First you eat breakfast, a little black coffee and then you get a job. Any job.

Hey, hey, hey! Watch it you idiots…those are violins not bowling balls.

I bought fifty violins from this Greek shop

I never had the one I wanted

I thought you’d be in Carnegi Hall by now

I’d like you all to play from your hearts

Just wrap. You’re not Picasso.

Marriage is based on a belief that one person can completely meet another’s needs. Now, I just – don’t buy that.

Ramon, how many cats you killing back there?

Roberta’s string training

So what are you going to do, just wrap presents and wait until he comes back?

Tell lieutenent Dimitri’s that his wife called again.

That promises me that you’re gonna be there.

We have a new place for fiddle fest…Carnegie Hall

We’ve lost the ‘Y’

What I did was changed the 8:45-9:45 too 8:45-9:30–

Who wants to be next?


Who’s plucking? Who’s plucking my violin?

You’re gonna be a quarter size

You’re gonna make your parents throw up!

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