Movie Quotes from Must Love Dogs: Quotes from the movie Must Love Dogs

1) Sometimes with Austin you can forget because he seems so mature. 2) I know the other day he was asking me about my retirement plan. 1) Well he cares about you and he wants to make sure you’re finacially secure.

1) I slept with a man who’s not my husband. I’m promiscuous!
2) We should redo your profile and put that in!

1) It’s a long story, something about the violation of expectations and a crushing loss of faith, in love, and life, and art. 2) So it’s a girl. 1) Yes

1) Why do you have a … Is that a rose? 2) It is a rose, but by any other name. 1) And it’s for a lady friend 2) That is the very purpose. 1) NOOOO!

Actually that was all just a test to see how you respond to crazy people, and you passed.

But those are just numbers. I mean look at Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. She’s gotta be like what, 100?

I just thank God he doesn’t have a bigger table.

My first two husbands were friends of my brother Dave, both of the bastards. But then, so is my brother Dave.

You’re this unique constellation of attributes, my Halley’s comet!

Your sisters ad, your brother’s dog, are those your shoes?

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