Movie Quotes from Murder at 1600: Quotes from the movie Murder at 1600

–You were in the Olympics. You know what it means to be a team player.
–Sharpshooting isn’t a team sport.

-A study at Harvard determined a person’s longevity by the first thing
they read in the paper.
-I’m an obituary man.
-Start with the comics, you’ll live longer.

-Jesus, Alvin. You really had her killed, didn’t you? She was 25.
She was a child!
-She was a casualty of war!

-This is Carla’s tape from her answering machine.
-Well, how’d you get it?
-I stole it.

-You expect me to violate everything I was ever taught? I have duties.
-Yeah, and your duties can send an innocent man to jail for the rest of his life. You wanna live with that?
-Yeah, and I think you better leave.

Back off!

Come on, Carla. Talk to me.

Everything’s about numbers. Two drinks a day…healthy. Three…you’re an alcoholic.

Freeze China out if they stand with North Korea.

Gentlemen, at 2400 hours, President Dylan will sign off on the raid into North Korea.

Harvard once conducted a study……you can tell a persons longeivity by what he reads first in the morning paper…I read the obituaries

Her VISA card activity, last 24 hours.

I think the president’s gonna become an international suspect.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Lady was buying a new life.

Lee Harvey Oswald was seen in the book depository cafeteria drinking a Coke a minute after Kennedy was shot.

People don’t even speak English in this town anymore.

The evidence indicates a crime of passion.

The Presidency is an institution, not a person.

They brought you in on this for the same reason they brought the Dallas doctors in to work on Kennedy two hours after he was killed. They had to be seen to go the extra mile so no one would say they couldn’t have done more.

This looks…um…handled.

Try the cartoons…you will live longer

We must ask, will this be Jack Neil’s Chappaquddick?

You were born to become a chalk outline.

You work for the Interstate Commerce Commission?

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