Movie Quotes from Mouse That Roared, The: Quotes from the movie Mouse That Roared, The

–How did the war go?
–Well, this is a bit of a surprise. A pleasant one, I hope. I think
we’ve won.

–I warn you, madam. I know the Geneva Covention by heart.
–Oh, how nice. You must recite it to me some evening. I play the

How am I gonna tell the President that we’ve been successfully invaded by a bunch of fifteenth-century Europeans?

Maybe it’s a holiday.

The United States and the Grand Duchy of Fenwick are at war and it takes the FBI to find out about it.

You are a dud?

You must remember the Americans are a very strange people. Whereas other countries rarely forgive anything, the Americans forgive everything. There isn’t a more profitable undertaking for any country than to declare war on the United States and to be defeated.

Your Grace, this is General Snippet. He’s a real general.

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