Movie Quotes from Moving: Quotes from the movie Moving

–Maybe we’ll send you a plane ticket and you can visit us at Christmas.
–Good, but I won’t.

–Now that your job’s been eliminated, sir, what are your future plans?
–I just sharpened my pencil!

1) I think we took a wrong turn. 2) Do you think perhaps you may have taken a wrong turn to NEW Orleans?!? 3) Yeah, it’s Mardi Gras time.

1)how’s it hangin 2)how’s what hangin 1)your dick 2)oh, its hangin to the left

1. Aren’t you going to peel it? 2. I know what’s in it

Fifty-five, stay alive!

Frank:I here you folks are moving out west. Yeah I got a brother who lives out that way. Never go visit him though. God awful country. Arlo: Sorry to hear that Frank. Maybe my wife and I can send you a ticket and come and visit.
Frank: Yeah, you could but I wont

I want you to take this big red mother fucker and put it back in the garage. Then go to the store and buy a human sized mower. Do you understand you Son of Bitch?

Im calling about the Ginzo knives… Pear… P, E, A, R.

We’re taking it with us!!

Who you think you talkin’ to? I’ll stomp a mudhole in yo ass, poopbutt!

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