Movie Quotes from Mouse Hunt: Quotes from the movie Mouse Hunt

1) I thought they liked cheese! 2) Not in the morning, they need fruit for energy.

2) I thought they liked cheese! 2) Not in the morning, they like fruit for energy.

A world without string is chaos.

A world without string would be chaos.

Ceasar [christopher walken]: you’ve got an asbestos problem. it shouldn’t take more than a DAY.. or two.. for me to fix it

Classical yet non-traditional.

Ernie: NOW YOU KNOW, THIS HOUSE WILL LAST FOREVER!!! [The house tumbles down]

Get me my Gouda

Hasta lavista you little rat bastard!

He’s like Hitler with a tail

It’s just a mouse. Hey there are some toasters up here.

Lars: Ernie, we are not suppose to run it, we’re suppose to run here, together! Ernie: Either way, this god-for-saken museum piece is not worth a dime, is it, Lars? Lars: Something’s are more impotant than money, Ernie.

They threw in a cardboard lady, just to sweeten the deal.

Well, the Paul McCharnell House went for 6, but that was ten years ago, and it didn’t have this exquisite molding.

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