Movie Quotes from Mermaids: Quotes from the movie Mermaids

(To Charlotte who is complaining about moving)
Life is change. Death is: (rachel flax in unison with kate flax) dwelling on the past or staying in one place too long.

1)Well in elementary school she licked a chalkboard and claimed to have visions.2) What did you do? 1) We moved.

1: Great idea, what’s your major, town tramp? 2: No mom, the town already has one.

Cars mean freedom, you know.

Charlote Flaxs’ nickname for her sister Kate

Charlotrte you drive like old people make love Mom im only 15

Charlotte we’re jewish.

charlotte’s nickname for kate is fish head

Charlotte, I know you’re planning a celibate life, but with half my chromosomes, I think that might be tough.

Charlotte, we’re Jewish!

Charlotte: Oh Joe…a penitent man…makes me love you even more

Every woman wants new shoes.


How do you like the house?
(VO) I hate the house.
I was born there.
(VO) I love the house.

I got an idea. How about some fudge?

I wanted to ask her what color her bra was and if she had pure thoughts every second of the day, but…

I’m going to burn in hell for sure. Here he is talking about his poor dead mother and I can’t stop wishing his hands were unbuttoning my dress.

I’m going to make a real sandwich; one that a man can sink his teeth into.

I’m going to make a real sandwich; one that a man can sink his teeth into.

If shes not up in 10 seconds call 911.

In the film, Mermaids, what was the nickname Charlotte Flax had for her sister Kate?

It’s in his kiss.

Kate: act your age, not your shoe size.

Mary, Mother of Christ….he still wants to fish!

Mrs. Flax: Alright, you know what? I’ll make you a deal. You stop being a little bitch for, let’s say, oh, I don’t know, an hour or two, and I won’t knock the religion of your choice for a week.

My sister Kate learned how to swim when most babies were still knawing at their playpins — I adore her, everyone does. When she was first born I wanted to name her after St. Godna, the vigin bee keeper, but Mother, Mrs. Flax, thought I was a bit peculiar. I don’t agree. Mrs. Flax doesnt believe in ritual or tradition but I’ve wanted to repent since the first time I saw a girl with ashes on her forehead cross herself and chant Hail Mary’s at a spelling bee…..a word on Mrs. Flax and food, the word is h’orderves. Fun Finger Foods is her main sorce book and that’s all the woman cooks. Anything else she says it too much of a commitment. -Kate- what’s this? Mrs. Flax- cheeseball pick-me-ups accompained by miniture franks and for desert, marshmellow kabobs.

Oh God! I love how he throws!

Ok…I’ve had a little scotch…I’m real calm

Please God don’t let me fall in love and want to do disgusting things…. Dear God, I love the way he throws.

That’s my mom. When I grow up, I wanna be like yours.

This is my oldest, she wants to be a nun.

We moved 18 times. It gets easy to read the signs.

Well, it was a dump, but if you stood on a chiar, you could see Lake Michigan.

when a man’s late, it’s time to clear the decks

who is us lou, your not us,there is no us i was talking about me and MY kids

You drive like old people make love…

You had me at hello!

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