Movie Quotes from Mercury Rising: Quotes from the movie Mercury Rising

(1) Would you mind if I told you something personal? (2) Yes, Roger. I really would.

-Nick, I can’t believe you look so good for someone so old. How do you do that?
-Drugs, my dear. Massive doses of drugs.


Cubs are in a slump.

Get a med tech in here!

Happy Birthday, Nick!

How’s a guy that’s so broke afford a $1,500 handgun?

I am a patriot.

I brought you some new puzzles.

I have to fly to Des Moines in the morning.

I just killed a guy on the CTA.

I think the F.B.I. likes to call us ‘No Such Agency.’

I’m gonna set up an E-mail address.

It’s a puzzle. Can you help me with a puzzle?

Low-tech rules!

Mercury is a quantum leap in our communication security.

Mercury is already operational in most of our com centers.

Mister Pasquale

My wife says my people skills are like my cooking skills: fast and

One small step for mankind.

So a two billion dollar code is an open book to people of diminished capacity?

Try not to get blood on my carpet.

Very hot. Sip it slowly.

Well, it’s good to see you’ve got your priorities in order. You care
about the $75 bottle of wine, but you don’t give a fuck about killing
a nine-year-old boy.

You are a stranger.

You’re telling me a nine-year-old kid cracked the government’s super

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