Movie Quotes from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence: Quotes from the movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

(Tag-line)Once there was a place where the earth was soaked with blood and tears, but that is where the brightest flowers grew

*AD-LINE* They were all men of honour. But, oh, what deeds were done in the name of honour.

1/ What’s your first name, Lawrence?
2/ John
1/ John Lawrence….. goodnight John Lawrence

1/ You must tell us your past history!!!
2/ My past is *MY* business!!

1/_ Do you remember that Christmas?
2/_Oh yes
1/_It was a good Christmas, wasn’t it?
2/_It was a wonderful Christmas…. you were drunk
1/_May I go on and on being drunk
2/_Sake is wonderful

1/_How very straight you sit… I am very impressed with you
2/_I’d sit even straighter if my legs hadn’t been wrecked by your thugs

1/_Who do you think you are? Are you an evil spirit?
2/_Yes… and one of yours, I hope

1/_You brought the radio into the camp
2/_You know that is not true
1/_Not true?! If you didn’t do it, prove it… we must punish somone
2/_But why? Would you rather punish the wrong man than see the crime itself go unsolved and unpunished?!
2/_You mean I am to die because you think that if there is a crime, then it must be punished and it doesn’t matter who is punished??!
2/_You’re not by any chance a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, are you?
2/_No …. you’re not very funny, are you?
1/_ I see, so I am to die to preserve your sense of order?
2/_Yes, you understand, Lawrence, you must die for me
1/_Oh, I understand, but I won’t die for you!!

I don’t know what to make of you, Lawrence… you’re either very clever or bloody stupid

I’ve tasted the Manju (cake) and I’ve tasted the flowers…. and I think the flowers taste better!

It’s as if, Celliers by his death, had sewn a seed in Yanoi that we might all share by its growth

It’s your Gods… it’s your bloody awful stinking Gods!! They made you what you are!! May they rot away in whatever filthy hell they came from!!!

No Stretchers! Make them walk! You’re faking! You are not sick, your spirits are sick!

They’re a nation of anxious people, and they could do nothing individually, so they went mad en masse.

Understand them, do you, Lawrence???___ if I were you, I’d commit hari-kiri!!

Why do you not fight me?! If you defeat me, you will be free!!

You’re not, by any chance a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan, are you?

You’re the victim of men who think that they are right, just as one day, you and Captain Yanoi believed absolutely that you were right, but the truth is, of course that nobody’s right

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