Movie Quotes from Menace II Society: Quotes from the movie Menace II Society

1-I feel sorry for your mother. 2-What’d you say about my momma?

Any of ya’ll want some chesseburgers? What? I got them from, aaamh, Basehead…

Any yall wanna Hamburger? Whats Wrong? You dont want no Hamburger?

Any yall wanna Hamburger???

Break yoself nigga, break yoself

Chauncy: Why don’t you come back here tomorrow night, ’round about ten thirty. White guy: i-i’m sorry, did you say tomorrow night? Chauncy: d-d-d-do i stutter motha fucka? what you afraid to come ’round this neighborhood at night motha fucka? Get your white bread ass on back to Brentwood where you belong. Hope you find your way down Compton Avenue, motha fucka!

dont fuck wit 93

Down with a 187.

Gimmie ed!

Hey dog you strapped? You know it!

Hurry up and buy !

i feel sorry for your mother

I feel sorry for Your mother… What’d You say about my mama?!? You feel sorry for who?!?

I said I’ll suck yo’ dick man!
Suck on this you bitch ass trick!

I’ll suck your dick. Suck on this Motha fucka

Kaine : That was the first time i ever saw my dad kill somebody, and it wasn’t the last, I got used to it

Look Joe, you and Jonny Are lovers, don’t deny that shit Nigga, Mother fucker i don’t care who out there, i’m a smoke your dick, no fuck who they are!

Now O-Dog was the craziest nigga alive. America’s nightmare: young, black, and didn’t give a f*ck.

order me a hamburger wit cheese, i SAID wit cheese nugga

Please man, i got these cheeseburgers man!

punk-ass nigga! come on niggaz!

rat-a-tat-tat what the fuck man

She’s all up on your nut-sack!

Six motherfucken dollars, nigga?!

Tat: Hey man, since you been out the joint two weeks don’t you think its about time you paid me my money.
Homey: I told you I ain’t got your money yet.
Tat: What the fuck you mean you ain’t got the money yet, nigga you best be comin up with my scratch!

Ted : Do You Own Me Some Money Mothafucker?
guy : No, No, No, But here you go!

What up Kane Lochstock nigga what up where ther butt at foo’!

What you say about my mama?

ya’ll niggas hurry up go in there buc dem niggas and git and git tha fuck out im’ma be chillin’ right here

yall actin like a couple a bitches. run in ther, bunk them two niggas, then get the fuck back so we can stab out.

Yo Dogg you strapped? You know it…

Yo, hook me up some grits with those links. i’m hungrier than a mutha…….!!

YO, whats up now, partner?!?

You actin like a lil Bitch right now, you actin real paranoid and shit. Now these motherfuckers smoked your goddamn cousin in front of you nigga, blew his head off in front of your face… and you ain’t gonna do shit? You actin like a lil Bitch right now nigga. Man fuck that, I ain’t goin to let that shit ride. We goin to go over there and smoke all these motherfuckers I don’t care who the fucks out there… Goddamn it!

you both acting like some bitches. nigga give me my mutha fuckin joint

You don’t wanna be going out like no Willy Lump Lump!

you’re actin like a lil bitch right now, you’re actin real paranoid and shit, now these mother fuckas just smoked yo goddamn cousin in front of you, blew his head off in front of your face and you ain’t gunna do shit, man fuck that, i ain’t lettin that shit fly

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