Movie Quotes from Meet the Feebles: Quotes from the movie Meet the Feebles

1: Didn’t you notice you were sitting on his face!
2: Well, it was a bit uncomfortable but I thought it was my hemmorhoids.

1: Do you really think people are interrested in nasal sex?
2: Sure, boss. It’s the next big fad.

1: Don’t worry if you feel ashamed / It’s been around for years / And thousands more that can’t be named / Are fond of getting rimmed / Don’t worry about hell / No harm will come to your soul / We’re not a pentecostal / And everybody’s got an assfull / SODOMY!!!
2: Trevor…I want that fudge packer eliminated!

1: Have you thought of a name for it yet?
2: I was thinking along the lines of…Dick does Daisy.
1: No, no. That’s too conventional.
2: How about…Anal Antics?
1: Anal Antics…yes. It will appeal to the intellectuals.

1: Heidi! You’ve been overeating again haven’t you!
2: Uh, no I haven’t.
1: Then explain to me why there is black forest cherry cake in your cleavage!

1: This is a lovely golf course, I’m tempted to join the club.
2: I’m afraid you can’t.
1: You mean they discriminate against warthogs?
2: No, they just don’t want assholes in the club!

Eat lead you man-stealing slut!

I’ve heard better singing from a mongoose with throat cancer.

Please do not interrupt me, I am traveling on the astral plane.

Shit! I was just about to pop my cookies!

You may be Wobet to your friends, but you’re fly shit to me.

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