Movie Quotes from Meet the Deedles: Quotes from the movie Meet the Deedles

…even a skinny squirrel makes a fine fur jock strap. 2) Well that makes sense since squirrels hide nuts

3’o to ya bro

Hey it’s captain hookie!!

I totally crave your wave!
Well I think your wave is pretty cravable too!

just like jess is short for jessica. yeah, and captain pine is short for caaaaaaaptain piiiiine.

killer dismount

look! a bambi!

look! a dumbo!

phil: ha look floating cartoon hearts

Phil: why can’t we have out birthday off like everyone else? Dad: Who’s everyone else? Stu: Washington, Lincoln, Phil: Marty Luther King..

That’s so diculous its ridiculous!

two words stu…no

Two words: no.

We’re a walking Kodak moment.

Your geyser’s a geezer.

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