Movie Quotes from Max Dugan Returns: Quotes from the movie Max Dugan Returns

–Can you make any money in philosophy?
–It depends on which one you have.

1) He’s gonna go into philosophy 2) Why? 1) Cause that’s what he wanted 2) Who told you that 1) Mr. Wichenstein 2) Who’s Mr. Wichenstein 1) Mr. Parker 2) Mr. Parker is Mr. Wichenstein! I…eh…what did he tell you?!

1) It has an ice crusher 2) DON’T CRUSH ICE! DON’T CRUSH ANYTHING!

1) My name isn’t Parker 2) Its not? 1) No. Its Wichenstein 2) Wichenstein? 1) Gus Wichenstein

1) Sorry I’m late my car was stolen 2) What kind of car was it maybe I know where it is? 1) A volkswagen 2) nah it wasn’t none of my boys.

My heart and sundry other valves have turned in their notice.

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