Movie Quotes from Maximum Overdrive: Quotes from the movie Maximum Overdrive

All right, you bastard. Tell all your friends the main line’s open. I get the best shit on the east coast, practically uncut. You got that, fuck face?

Curtis? Is he dead?

Hey, that knife gone gone rabid on you, sweet thing?

Well, it turned itself on and it bit me….

Humans here, humans here, humans here

I ain’t never seen a hero with his ass up in the air like that

If you don’t get your hand off my leg, you’re going to be wiping your ass with a hook next time you take a dump!

Jesus is coming and he is pissed!

Just a little lesson in manners from the road twitch

See that gap, the next time it comes around I’m goin to shoot right through it.

This machine just called me an asshole!

This one’s for my dad you loud mouthed son of a bitch

Uh oh, nooooo sodas.

You sur make love like a hero

You want a war? You got one!

Your mama!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Maximum Overdrive’: Quotes from the movie ‘Maximum Overdrive’

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