Movie Quotes from Maverick: Quotes from the movie Maverick

–So, are you gonna miss me?
–Are you gonna miss me?
–You are gonna miss me!

–There isn’t a Mrs. Maverick, is there?
–Oh, I’m sure I would have remembered.

–What kind of animal are you?

–What’s the greatest Western thrill of all?
–Kill Indians!
–Kill Indians? Is it legal?
–Oh, white man been doing it for years!

1) You did this on purpose! 2) Well, you bet Ah did!

1. Are you mocking me?
2. Let’s just say I’m agreeing with you in a totally unusual way.

1. My underwear comes from New York. Do you know where this shirt was made..lady? PARIS, FRANCE, thats where! You think I can just go to the nearest dry good store and pick up another one? 2. Why don’t you just try the kiddy department?

1. Well, they’re Indians, they probably stole the ponies. 2. Not everyone’s like you Mrs.Bransford.

1. You see that hawk? 2. NO! Don’t shoot it! 1. Look, I’m not gonna shoot the hawk! You know what that hawk means? ….Absolutely nothing. But you didn’t know that did you? 2. Yes i did. 1. No you didn’t.

1:Bonjour, bonjour, comotali vou? 2:(sternly)neat, neat 1:(rolls eyes)How, white man.

Ain’t ya gonna look at your card?

Almost got hung myself once. Didn’t care for it much.

And he-haw, he-haw, he-halways like to be called Arthur!!

Annabelle: What, you smell a couple of indians over in Montana? What do you hear? Maverick: Huh? Oh, nothin’. I just thought I should take a little nap so they can’t sneak up on me in the dark.

Annabelle: You’re so irritating and likeable
Bret: Well I’ll have to work on that, I guess.

Can you teach me to be a better poker player? Now? Well you might be later and I need to know now!

Coop here faced down 9 men sober. Coop’s always sober. I said the outlaws were sober!!!

Cooper, your security isn’t worth a damn! Everybody’s got a gun!

Damn it pappy, will you cut that out! These damn things are a buck a piece!

Did you think that was fast? I thought that was fast.

Do you know what that hawk means? What? Absolutly nothing, but you didn’t know that! Yes I did! No you didnt. I did!!

First there’s Marshal Zane Cooper…I know what you’re thinking, he’s old and decrepid. He guns his men and his women, but he can still shoot straight.

from the minute i laid eyes on this hombre i knew i smelled trouble….and refried beans.

From the minute I slapped eyes on this hombre I smelled trouble, and refried beans.

From the moment I slapped eyes on this hombre, I smelled trouble…And refried beans.

He doesn’t eat much, but he’s a regular Jack Ass. And hee-aww, hee-aww, hee-awwlays likes to be called Arthur.

He wants us to get all dressed up in war paint and go woopin’ around like idiots!

I don’t like being teased

I have 2 small pairs…8’s & 8’s

I promise that I will lose for at least an hour.

I’d like you to deal. One card from the top will be sufficient.

I’m getting to old for this shit!

I’ve never seen $22,000 before.
I’ve never seen 25.

If I can’t touch you, I can touch your shirt and dream.

It’d just been a s****y week from the beginning.

It’s just a pair of sixes, if you can beat that then you got me licked, and that’s not an entirely unpleasnt prospect.

It’s like my pappy used to say…he who fights and runs away, lives to run another day.

It’s true I am fast, I also cant hit

It’s true I am fast, I also cant hit s***

Maverick Sr.:Well, Bret, son. We ended up with a half a million dollar silk shirt. Maverick Jr.: Nope, we ended up with a quarter of a million dollar silk shirt because my old pappy used to say don’t count your chick-don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket. Maverick Sr.: Now that I said.

Maverick: But, I want you to do a little something for me now. Annabelle: How dare you! I am a lady, not in a million years! Not if I was a hundred years old, not if you were a hundred years old!!! Maverick: Shut up lady! I dont want to go to bed with you! Annabelle: Why not???

Maverick: But, I want you to do a little something for me now. Annabelle: How dare you! I am a lady, not in a million years! Not if I was a hundred years old, not if you were a hundred years old!!! Shut up lady! Mavreick: I dont want to go to bed with you! Annabelle: Why not???

Not everybodys like you Mrs. Bransford

nothing beats a good piece of hickory

So what’s with the wheel?

That hat better fit me when I come back!

The minute I laid eyes on that hombre I smelled trouble. And refried beans.

there’s nothing in this world more rewarding than cheatin’ on a cheater

There’s ugly Annie Bransford. When she was born, she came out backwards and non one noticed.

Well they may look like dimples in the dirt to you Mrs. Bransford, but they’re horse tracks, and not only that, they’re shod tracks, and indians dont shoe their ponies.

Well, figure it’s their fault for being on our land before we got here!

What if there’s trouble, serious? I’m right behind you. You are…none of this ‘wheels coming off’ s***

What is it with you and indians anyway? Oh nothing, I try and shoot one a day, prefereably before noon. How about you Coop?

What would this world come to without true gentlemen like yourself?

When she was a kid her parents had to tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog could play with her!

You been cheating the whole damn game!?!?!?!

You both kiss the same way, you both draw your guns the same way and you both sing the same wrong words to Amazing Grace!

You couldn’t sneak up on a corpse, Coop. Not anymore. You’re a decrepit old has-been.

You know, next time you people come to drive us off our land I’m gonna find a nice piece of swamp land that’s so God-afwul, maybe then you’ll leave us the hell alone.

You’ve got $22,000. Cash?
Well, it’s not frog skins.

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