Movie Quotes from Man with the Golden Gun, The: Quotes from the movie Man with the Golden Gun, The

–How do you like my island, Mr. Bond?
–A bit off the beaten track, isn’t it?

–How will I recognize him?
–He’s tall, dark and thin.
–So is my aunt!

–I’ve lost my charm!
–Not from where I’m standing.

A duel between titans. My golden gun against your Walther PPK.

Bond: And what’s your name?
Girl: Chu Mee.
Bond: Really!

Hey! You’re that English secret agent! From England!

I am now aiming precisely at your groin. So speak or forever hold your piece.

I like a girl in a bikini, no concealed weapons.

I may be small, but I never forget!

Miss Anders…I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.

That’s what i call trouble.

You mean there’s no way to trace that bullet? You have no idea what it went through to get here.

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