Movie Quotes from Man with One Red Shoe, The: Quotes from the movie Man with One Red Shoe, The

(1) Hook it into the G.B.L.X.-1000 computer.
(2) G.B.L.X.?!
(1)Yeah, that thing ‘ll break any code.
(2) But, that’s in control of our entire missile defense system!
(1) Honey, will you please. What are the odds of the Russians attacking on a Thursday night?!

(1): Are you an agent?
(2): No, but I used to have an agent.

–Are you ok? You seem tense.
–Oh, no. No, no. I’m not, I’m not tense.

–How’d it go, sir?
–Great. I haven’t felt this good since I overthrew the government
of Chile.

–Remember Chicago? Fate? Kismet?
–No, I don’t remember, Paula. You got me drunk.

–Sorry about that chair.
–Oh, that’s OK. It was…really old.

–Wouldn’t it bother you to send an innocent man to his grave?
–Are you serious? We’re talking about my career.

1)There he is!
2) Which one?
1) The man with one red shoe.

I went up to your upstairs to kill you and there were three dead men in your apartment.

I’m not tense. No, not at all. Well, I, I did pass out today, and got hit in the head by a baseball, and brushed my teeth with shampoo, then butchered Rimsky-Korsakov in front of fifteen-hundred people, and my clothes fell apart, but no, I’m a, I’m not, I’m not tense

Man: I am not going to do Tarzan. Woman: Well, I’m doing Jane!

No, mom. I’m not watchin’ TV, I’m… I’m practicing! I’m practicing!

Now then, does anyone here remember how to kill a man?

Paula! Paula! Paula! Paula! Paula! Paula!

Something he was hiding?

Subject in transit. Has changed his shoes. Riding a bicycle. Ten-
speed, I suspect.

Tastes like shampoo.

This affaire will have to end in a shooting match–just like all good spy stories.

Well, since you’re no longer Director of the CIA, and I am, it doesn’t matter what you think.

Would you like something to drink?

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