Movie Quotes from Man Who Would Be King, The: Quotes from the movie Man Who Would Be King, The

1/ We met on the level…
2/ And we’re parting on the square

1/_And then ol’ Danny fell…. round and round like a penny whirly-gig… 20,000 miles… it took him half an hour to fall before he struck the rocks, and you know what they did to Peachy? They crucified him, sir, between 2 pine trees, as Peachy’s hands will show. Ol’ poor Peachy, who never done them any harm, just hung there and he screamed but he didn’t die and the next day they cut him down and they said it was a miracle he wasn’t dead and they let him go, and Peachy come home in about a year. The mountains, they tried to fall on ol’ Peachy but he was quite safe because Daniel walked before him, and Daniel never let go of Peachy’s hand, and Peachy never let go of Daniel’s head.
2/_His head?
1/_You knew Daniel, sir?
2/_Oh yes
1/_You knew most worshipful brother, Daniel Dravatt Esquire, well, he became the King of Kafiristan with a crown on his head…. and that’s all there is to tell…

1/_Are you gods??
2/_Not gods, Englishmen, which is the next best thing

1/_Do you remember the time the Highlanders were retreating down the hill at Ali-Bijid, and Pipe-Major McQuillin got his sporran shot off! hehehehe!!
2/_Half-a-Crown was in it, right? so back he goes up the hill after it without looking to see if that was all he lost! hahahaha!!!
1/_And then he got the Victoria Cross because the bloody Highlanders turned around and followed him back up the hill again!!! hahahaha!!!!

1/_Peachy, I’m heartily ashamed about getting you killed instead of you going home rich like you deserve to, on the count of me being so bleedin’ high and bloody mighty… can you forgive me?
2/_That I can, and that I do, Danny, free and full… and without lead or hinderance
1/_Everything’s alright, then

1/_Please put out your royal foot, that I may kiss your big toe
2/_You may kiss my royal arse

1/_Supposing I was to ask you, as a stranger going to the west, to seek for that which was lost… what would you say then?
2/_I would answer.. *where do you come from?*
1/_From the east, and I am hoping that you would give my message, on the square, for the sake of the widow’s sons

1/_You mean he’s piled up a fortune of sixty cows out of her infidelities?
2/_And thirty-two goats.
1/_She ain’t a wife, she’s a *going concern*!

And now, sir, let me introduce you to brother Peachy Carnahan, which is him, and brother Daniel Dravatt, which is I. The less said about our professions the better, for we have been most things in our time. We’ve been all over India. We know her cities, her jungles and her passes and we have decided that she isn’t big enough for such as we

By the level, by the square, by the all-seeing eye, the craft Danny the craft!!!

Danny never let go of Peachy’s hand, and Peachy never let go of Danny’s head.

Detriments, you call us?!!! Detriments?!!! Well I want to remind you that it was detriments like us that built this bloody Empire AND the Izzat of the bloody Raj…… Hats on!!

Different countries different cultures.

don’t point that bloody spear at me

God’s holy trousers!!

He can break wind at both ends similtaneous……. which I’m willing to bet …….is more than any God can do……..

He can break wind at both ends… similtaneous……. which I’m willing to bet …….is more than any God can do……..

Him there, with the 5-and-a-half hat size, has the makings of a bloody hero!

I know you, you English persons! Take off hat to woman, give name to dog!

If the Greeks can do it, we can do it.

It took him half an hour to fall.

Keep looking at me bruvver, it keeps my soul from flying away

Keep looking at me. It helps to keep my soul from flying off.

Let him put that in his paper. If he is in need of news.

Now listen to me, you benighted muckers. We’re going to teach you soldiering. The world’s noblest profession. When we’re done with you, you’ll be able to slaughter your enemies like civilized men.

Now, the problem is, how to divide five Afghans from three mules and
have two Englishmen left over.

Oh har! har! Pardon me while I fall down laughing

Pardon me while I fall down laughing.

Peachy & me, we don’t kill easy

Peachy T’Oliver Carnahan & Daniel Dravatt Esq

The more tribes, the more they fight, and the better for us.

They’re savages, here.___ Leave ’em all to go back to slaughtering babes and playing stick ‘n’ ball with one another’s heads, and pissing on their neighbours

We’d love a drink if one’s being offered but we wont be put out if one isnt……

We’ll strike them down and grind them into dust!

We’ll take a drink if one’s being offered, but we won’t be put out if one isn’t…

When we’re done with you, you’ll be able to stand up and slaughter your enemies like civilized men!

You are going to become soldiers! A soldier does not think! He only obeys! Do you really think that if a soldier thought twice he’d give his life for queen and country? Not bloody likely!

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