Movie Quotes from Major Dundee: Quotes from the movie Major Dundee

Don’t get yourself killed. That would inconvenience me.

Have you ever stopped to think why they made you a jailer instead of a soldier?

I took soldiers to fight for their country.

I want every man in this command drunker than a fiddler’s bitch by nightfall.

I’m a long way from Gettysburg. Any suggestions?

If I signal you to come, you come. If I signal you to charge, you charge. If I signal you to run, you follow me and run like hell.

Laura Lee.

Move ’em out, Lieutenant.

Never under-estimate the value of a European education.

Pony soldier, I am Sierra Charriba. Who you send against me now?

Those who destroyeth my flock I shall destroy.

To the victors belong the spoils.

You agreed to serve until the Apache is taken or destroyed.

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