Movie Quotes from Majestic, The: Quotes from the movie Majestic, The

1. don’t you understad?! this means nothing to me! 2. it used to mean so much.

1. You remember me??? 2. No, but i’ll sure has hell try

1.) Hey 2.) Hey yourself. 1.) I was looking for you.. are you ok? 2.) About as ok as anybody could be in this situation.

1.) Nifty huh? 2.) Yeah

1.)Did you…. did you.. 2.)Did i what? 1.)Did you get the last reel up? 2.)….fhu

1.)Harry… i’m not… not ready to say goodbye.
2.) But you’re here… and thats all that matters.

1.)He would have stood up for these people
2.)Yeah well he isn’t here to vouch for that is he? We have to take your word on it!

1.)Luke… i know this… i know this can’t be easy for you.
2.)You have no idea… your father said i would eh.. start to remember things. He was right. Harry wasn’t my father, my name’s not Luke… I’m sorry.
1.)Oh my god. I knew… i knew… i knew from the start.. i wanted you to be Luke. You are so much like him you have no idea. You have no idea what Luke meant to his dad.. suddenly being alive… you don’t know what this town lost.

1.)She wanted you to have…. this.
2.)What is it.
1.)I didn’t think of asking.

Adel I’m sorry.. the way things turned out… i didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Most of all you.

Doc! Doc! Harry’s in troube come quick!

He would say the american represented in this room is not the america he died defending.

i can die knowing i’m in my bed and that my son is alive.

I taught him that! When you weren’t looking.

I want my goddamn life back Adel… is that so hard to understand?

I wouldn’t know J. Edgar Hoover if he came in here wearing a dress.

I’m leaving you Jerry, and i’m taking the monkey with me!

It occurs to me that there is a bigger issue here wether or not i am a communist.

Just because i knew didn’t mean everybody else had to. This town needed you to be Luke.. so you were Luke.

Just put your fingers on the keys… and it will all come back to you.

luke! my son! i never gave up hope………

Ohhh shit…. I missed the reel change.

Pennsylvania 6-5000.

Sand Pirates of the Sahara

Should you be walking some years from now on a beautiful spring day and feel a warm breeze graze your cheek, that warm breeze will be me, giving you a kiss.

Taste my steel you dog!…

This is a free country… you could be a communist if you want to be a communist.

This is all a game… but it’s their game. And if you don’t play with their rules, they’ll destroy you.

This is really lukes doing. Its from all of us… so u can make sure we start the movies always on time.

THis town has had enough Hearthbreak, too much. And i think you’re setting this town up for more. I haven’t killed anybody since the war, and i don’t wanna.

Too many people have signed this contract in blood!

Well i went as a horny young man.

Well… why don’t we call it a night? I’ll close up.

When bullies rise up, the rest of us have to beat them back down, whatever the cost. That’s a simple idea, I suppose, but one that’s worth giving everything for.

Wow thats just… just about the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. Hey i got a what if…

you look familiar…..

You saw what happened… I just told those guys to go screw themselves.

You want your life back? Read this statement.

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