Movie Quotes from Love and Sex: Quotes from the movie Love and Sex

(1) is it really true, do blowjobs really cure depression (2) only for the suckee, the sucker always stays depressed (3) told ya so Rape…it might turn us on

:Kate pushing elevator button repeatedly:
guy: You know pushing the button doesn’t make it go any faster.
Kate: I know, but it makes me feel more involved.

Adam Levy(listening to Kate’s pregnant stomach): mmm-hmmm.. yea, Ned says he wants a womb with a view.
Kate: Ned’s not very funny.
Adam Levy: Well, we should cut Ned some slack, Ned’s only a fetus.

Adam: Where’s your date? Kate: I told him I was sick. Adam: Yea…you’re sick. Kate: Yea, from wanting you back

All normal people vicitims of bad timing, weirdos and creeps are single because they are weirdos and creeps. Normal people are single becuase they are vicitims of bad timing

As you move on in your search for love, sex if the fast way to erase the past

Don’t get old Kate. Old is ugly, ugly is death.

Falling in love is beautiful. We do it for one reason… Nothing in the world makes us feel so good

Friend: What about this? Kate: No that makes me look like a drug addicted hooker. I want to look GREAT, like a drug addicted model.

I cheese sandwich you

I don’t see them as flaws, I see them as God’s little artistic choices.

I like being depressed. It makes me feel deep and introspective.

I’m a guy! I fuck! I dont fall in love!

I’m a relationship leper!

Kate- You’re all going to die! Think about that! You’re all going to die, and nobody will ever remember you, because they’ll all be dead too!

Kate: Believe it or not, Adam, I know how to pee on a stick and read directions.

Kate: You’re wearing sunglasses in a movie theater!
Joey: They’re subscription!

Love is a minefield: You take a step, get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again, and stupidly take another step. I guess that’s human nature. It hurts so much to be alone that we’d all rather blow up than be single.

Love is ecstasy and agony, freedom and imprisonment, belonging and lonliness; it’s what keeps us together when life tears us apart.

Love is extacy and agony. Freedom and imprisonment. It’s what keeps people together and apart.

The longer you are with one person, the more annoying they will become…so, if you want things to be perfect, don’t be in a relationship

two people can be perfect for each other–and if the timing is wrong it is never going to work out for them. bad timing is the reason most normal people end up single. weirdos and creeps are single because they are weirdos and creeps. but people like us are single because we are the victims of bad timing

We all want to be loved. And sometimes it doesn’t even matter who loves us, as long as it makes us feel less alone.-Kate

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