Movie Quotes from Love at First Bite: Quotes from the movie Love at First Bite

(In an aestern european accent) I do not drink vine, and I do not smoke shit.

1) What could be better than a scorpion, Renfield? 2) Six black widow spiders, twelve fat earthworms, two hairy caterpillars on rye bread with a slice of onion. A triple decker. (1 begins to throw up) 2) Was it something I said, Master?

Children of the night! Shut up!

Cindy Soundheim: We can go to bed, maybe get in a little quickie.
Count Dracula: No. With you, never a quickie, always a longie.

Fun? How would you like to go around dressed like a head waiter for the last seven hundred years?

Please Call me Vladimir. And I will call you shrink. Ve are in America.

RENFIELD:I got to that guy before he put that wooden stake right through your heart. DRACULA:So what do you want from me,a medal?

That’s OK. I could never get my shit together before 7 anyway.

This is not the lobby of the Plaza Hotel?

with you, never a quickie, always a longie

With you, never a quickie. Always a longie.

You know what Freud said: If you don’t pay for it, you don’t get better.

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