Movie Quotes from Longest Day, The: Quotes from the movie Longest Day, The

All right. I am not Eisenhower. I am an assistant division commander. I don’t know from nothing. But he can’t call it off again.

An old top sergeant said it differently. “Get your ass up that hill!” he bellowed in his best parade-ground voice.

“ Thank God for the navy!” came the message from the beach.

Do you have a cigarette? I’m dying for a cigarette.

Every dot represents a ship. You got battle wagons, cruisers, destroyers, mine sweepers. You got assault craft of every size and every type. Biggest amount the world has ever known. Here! You remember it. Remember every bit of it. ‘Cause we are on the eve of a day people are going to talk about long after we are dead and gone.

Flanagan’s back!

Get on them, lads! Get on them!” Rear Admiral C. F. Bryant called to his gun crews on the battleship Texas. “They’re raising hell with the men of the beach and we can’t have any more of that. We must stop it!”

Hold until relieved. Hold until relieved.

I’m quite positive we must give the order. I don’t like it, but there it is. Gentlemen, I don’t see how we can possibly do anything… but go.

Just look at it, gentlemen. How calm…how peaceful it is. A strip
of water between England and the continent. Between the Allies and us. But beyond that peaceful horizon…a monster waits!


ok run me up the hill son

Somebody is shooting somebody.

Sometimes I wonder which side God’s on.

The thing that’s always worried me about being one of the few is the
way we keep on getting fewer.

There are only two kinds of people who are going to stay on this beach, those that are dead and those that are going to be.

There is a fire at the travel agency.

You can’t give the enemy a break. Send him to hell.

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