Movie Quotes from Long, Long Trailer, The: Quotes from the movie Long, Long Trailer, The

Breezin’ Along With The Breeze.

Glass in the door so you don’t have to open it.

Im not moving this trailer one inch further until you get rid of all these rocks.

Madge’s Beauty Salon.

No you wouldn’t let me finish, I was going there left.o say turn right

Oh, Nicky im so sorry, im so sorry (Nicky) No, No, Im the one who should be sorry.(both) oh, I love You.

ooh, here it is, Turn right here. (Tacie) What are you doing you were suposed to turn right back there. (Nick) Wait a second, you told me to turn right so I turned right.(Tacie)No, No, No you didnt let me finish I was going to tell you to turn right here left.

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