Movie Quotes from Life Less Ordinary, A: Quotes from the movie Life Less Ordinary, A

–Remember what they didn’t teach you at Harvard Business School.
–I didn’t go to Harvard Business School.
–That’s a figure of speech, Robert.

-Are you going to kill me?
-Well then I don’t see why I should dig!

-I’d like to make a withdrawal.
-I thought we’d agreed no cliches.

1.It’s 1969, Marilyn Monroe is about to give birth and she calls John Kennedy, she says, Jack-
2.And she grows up and ends up solving some mystery? It’s so obvious!

Jackson : Have you ever felt like you’re not in control of your life?

Al: Nice-looking woman.
Robert: She isn’t my type.
Al: What are you talking about? Look at yourself. You’re nobody. You’re nothing. You’re wanted in connection with a violent crime. You’re cleaning the floor of a diner. But she is an intelligent, passionate, beautiful, rich woman. The issue of whether or not she’s your type is not one that you’re likely to have to resolve in this world… or the next, since she will be going to some heaven for glamourous pussy, and you will be cleaning the floor of a diner in hell.
Robert: I guess so.
Al: So why are you even thinking about it?

Celine’s Mother: Remember my dear, they only want one thing. Maybe they want it more than once, but it’s still only one thing.

Celine: Despite your crummy poem, I came to see you and all you could do was humiliate me and turn me away. I thought you were decent, but it turns out you’re just a lying, cheating bastard like all the rest.

Celine: If word got around that I had been liberated for half a million dollars, I could never show my face in polite society again. Diamonds have no value except that which is placed upon them.

Celine: Remember what they didn’t teach you at a Harvard Business school.
Robert: I didn’t go to a Harvard Business school!
Celine: That’s a figure of speech.

O’Reilly: Our fee for the recovery of your daughter is…one hundred thousand dollars.
Naville: That’s a lot of money.
O’Reilly: Five thousand in advance. The rest is cash on delivery–no daughter, no dough.
Jackson: And naturally we’d operate a sliding scale, whereby if we only bring back part of your daughter, we only get part of the money.
O’Reilly: That’s enough, Jackson.
Jackson: No, I mean if he’s cut her ears off and we can’t find them, we’ll knock a couple thousand off the tariff. More for a limb, obviously.
O’Reilly: Jackson.
Jackson: Sorry.

Robert: You going to kill me?
Jackson: Yeah.
Robert: Well then I don’t see why I should dig!
Jackson: If you dig, I promise you when the time comes I’ll shoot you through the back of the head. [Robert laughs bitterly] You don’t like that? I can shoot you in the testicles right now and you can bleed to death.


And that’s all I am to you, isn’t it? The latest kidnapper. A lifestyle accessory. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, ’cause you can always get another one.

And when all this is over I need this bag back.

Are they in love yet?? Cuz if they are, we can go home.

Are you taking me to a hospital, because I don’t want to dies in a hospital? I’m not taking you to a hospital. WHAT? What do you mean you’re not taking me to a hospital? I demand to be taken to a hospital!

Are you trying to say that we’re going to be replaced by robots?!

Do you realize how difficult it is to find a good husband in this city??? …let alone a good dentist!

I didn’t go to Harvard Business School!

Jackson: What the hell did you do to her?
Robert: I punched her in the face.
Jackson: Oh, you punched her in the face. She’s half your size and you punch her in the face?
Robert: She had a gun!
Jackson: Oh, she had a gun! So that makes everything all right, does it?
Robert: No, I’m not saying it makes everything all right. I’m just trying to explain to you that for all I knew, she could have been a karate expert or something.
Jackson: With a broken arm? WITH A BROKEN ARM?!
Robert: O.K., I’m sorry.

jeopardy, jeopardy Jackson…always works

Listen you asshole, i got your daughter, and… Oh sorry madame! I got the wrong number…no I haven’t got your daughter I have someone elses… no we’re not married…

Listen you daughter, I’ve got your asshole!

Of course it’s obvious, guys, it’s a trash novel. You buy it at the airport, you take it on holiday.

Remember what you didn’t learn in Harvard Business School.

Robert: Are you taking me to a hospital? ‘Cause I don’t want to die in a hospital. Celine: I’m not taking you to a hospital. Robert: What? Why aren’t you taking me to a hospital? I demand to be taken to a hospital!

Robots? You’re trying to tell me we’re going to be replaced by robots? That robots are going to get down on their little robot hands and knees and clean the dust out of every corner of every office in this building? I think not, Ms Gesteten.

so here’s the deal, we are in the garden, right? everything is GREAT, and there’s this tree, ok, and the man says ‘ooh, see that tree? you don’t eat the fruit of that tree, that apple YOU do not eat.’ so he goes inside, you know, names some animals, i don’t know, maybe takes a dump. anyway, what does she do? what does SHE do?? she eats the apple! i can’t believe what i’m seeing! he says ‘don’t eat it,’ she eats it! unbelievable! i tell you man, since then, you know, men…women…i dont’ know, it’s all gone wrong

So I said to Felix, ‘Felix, are these people good or are they evil? One bark for yes, two for evil’

We got married in a castle in Scotland. You know, in England? Near Paris?

What do you think I am? Some crazy backwoods lunatic with a barn full of human skulls and a scythe that I sharpen every night in readiness of Armageddon?

What’s wrong?!! What’s wrong you crazy bi*** is I thought you were gonna shoot me!!

Will you love me tomorrow?

You think I’d talk to a dog? Do you think I’d ask a dog whether you are good or evil? Do you think I’m some sort of backwoods weirdo with a barn full of skulls and knives I sharpen every day in anticipation for Armageddon?

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