Movie Quotes from Just One of the Guys: Quotes from the movie Just One of the Guys

(1) Excuse me. Hi! It worked, thanks! He knew how to fix my earring (2) That’s because he’s a little tulip!

(1) Reptile, how many times have I told, ‘no animals in my gym class’? (2) I know Coach Morrison. Is just that I was afraid that if I left him in the locker the alligators might eat him.

*opens shirt* I’m a girl.

1) Aren’t you just a little bit embarassed? 2) Nope, I’m horny. Horny kicks embarassments ass any day of the week.

1) Hey, is your sister home? 2) Yeah, one sec…Terri, you got company….Terri?

1) If I gave you five bucks, would you go watch a movie? 2) I’m not leaving until Terry comes home. 1) If I gave you 10 bucks, would you go wait in the car?

1) Maybe my balls don’t itch 2) All balls itch, it’s a fact!

1) Terri! … okay where is she? 2) Is that damn cult again. They have her totally brainwashed. Wanna split her records? 1) You can tell me now or you can tell in the hospital!! 2) I’m suddenly remembering

1) You don’t think I can do it, do you? 2) No way….but I’d love to see you try!

1) You know Terri was right. You ARE an asshole. 2) That asshole called me an asshole? 1) Oh so now you want to beat him up too? 2) No, I want to buy him an ice cream.

1)I’d like to be alone… 2) Now?! Can’t you be alone when your parents are home?

1. So, Buddy, how do I look?
2. Dashing.
1. Oops, my fly’s open.
2. That was the dashing part.

A tribute to you greg,LIFT!

About the other night…I felt like a visitor from Planet of the Sluts.

Buddy when his mother calls: Hello. Hey yo scumbag. Suck your own. Eat me. Same to you buttface.
Buddy to Terry who’s watching in astonishment: Mom says hi.

Buddy: [on the phone] Hey yo scumbag! Suck your own! Eat me [hangs up] Mom says hi…

Budster, there’s a half-naked woman in your bedroom feeding pizza to some fish and she’s all yours.

Denise: You were in the boy’s locker room?
Terry: Yes!
Denise: Can I be your younger brother?

I mean, I write an excellent article and just because I’m cute no one
takes me seriously. It’s not fair.

I put a buck’s worth of gas in…on me!

I’m a girl.

im a girl im a women yeah and im cynder laypher can we go back to the prom please? im a female i swear rick oh are those what i think they are sorry were do you get off having tits their was this contest but i met you and your so wonderful shit! i can’t belive this look rick i know your mad at me but your friendship means so much yeah and this is bullshit major bullshit!!! right terrence cause you been so honest up till now

im just so confused ofcourse your confused your wearing my underwear.

look maybe my balls don’t all balls itch its a fact

My voyage of self discovery has ended in dispair.

Pick a sin..ANY sin.

R: You look very good in a dress. Very good. T: I thought you hated me. R: I…missed you. I read your article, do you uh, still feel the same way about me? T: Yeah, I guess I do. Well hey…why don’t we go out and have some fun…you know, maybe we could go dancing Friday night? R: Wait a minute, I’m the guy here…let me just try this ok…why don’t we go out dancing Friday night? T: (Smiles) What an original idea. (Pause) Hey, you wanna go for a drive? R: (Nods…Terry goes to get in the car) Ah…as long as I get to drive.

sometimes i wish i were a guy

that asshole called me an asshole?!

Today’s woman has the freedom to be just as sick and perverted as us guys.

Well maybe my balls don’t itch. All balls itch it’s a fact!

What a fox. Dresses like Elvis Costello. Looks like the Karate Kid.

Where do you get off havin’ tits?!?

Where do you get off having tits?!

Why do you give me all ‘A’s for? My looks?

You got tits!

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