Movie Quotes from Just Visiting: Quotes from the movie Just Visiting

(repeated line) STUPID PEASANT!!!

1) I will hang you by your feet, servant!
2) No, no master! Not the feet! I prefer the thumbs.

1) Master, I have to peepee 2) Ah, you have to pee? Go outside! 1) But sire, the wolves will eat me! 2) Then take a torch

Damn English wizards. Can’t do anything right.

I am eating this very good meat and vegetables in a very fine sauce . . . I will shit easy tomorrow.

It was the wine! If he prefered white, he should have said so!

My name is Andre de la Petite, I have big balls and I breathe fire out of my ass 2) that must hurt

Night! Day! Night! Day!

Your French relatives are bathing in the toilet.

[1] He must run after us. [2] Oh no, let him get in the car [3] I have very good shoes [4] -laughs- Can you go 60?

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