Movie Quotes from Just in Time: Quotes from the movie Just in Time

dad faith fixed my knee

DAD: Lily
LILY: I hate her, i hate her
DAD: I’m sorry honey brenda didn’t mean to…
LILY: Not her
DAD: Well what is it honey tell me
LILY: Why’d she leave me
LILY: No, mom, mom
DAD: Sweetie, mom didn’t want to leave you, it was an accident she didn’t want to go
LILY: Well why did it happen, why did it happen to us
DAD: I don’t know honey, i ask my self the same thing too, mom loved you, i want you to never forget that mom loved you more than anything
LILY: Well where is she dad, sometimes, sometimes i miss her so much, i just wanna see her again.
DAD: You know where she is Lil, she’s right here (points to her heart)and she’s right here(points to his heart)and thats where she’ll always be, whenever we need her.

Daddy are you wearing makeup?

FAITH: Do you want another one
LILY: no thanks i’m probablly late for school already
FAITH: I could write you a note, sign your moms name
LILY: it wouldn’t work, my mom’s dead.
(lily looks at the sweets and thinks to herself i want one)
LILY: thanks, i’m lily
FAITH: i’m faith
LILY: see you faith

Faith: Hey Lily, i’mgoing to stay her with my family for a while
Lily: When are you coming home
Lily’s dad: Come on Lil

FAITH: You know i would never try to be your mom lil, i just want to be your friend. You must have had a wonderful mom and you must miss her a lot. Would you tell me about her.
LILY: What.
FAITH: Would you tell me about your mom, tell me what she was like.
FAITH: What is it sweetie.
LILY: No-one ever asked me about………no-one ever talked to me about her…
FAITH: You know you can talk to me lil, you can talk to me about anything.

Guys, can we go home now i’m tired

I hate her, i hate her. Not her. Why’d she leave me. No mom,mom.
Well why did it happen, why did it happen to us.
Well where is she dad, sometimes, sometimes i miss her so much, i just want to see her again.

I like your shoes faith

LILY: I like your shoes faith
FAITH: Thanks Lil, so do i
LILY: Who is she
FAITH: She’s erm, a friend of your dad’s

LILY: It wouldn’t work, my mom’s dead

LILY:What are you Brian
Brian:I am iam
LILY:It’s nice
GIRL:It stinks, I’m the best fruit in the class
LILY:Yeh but your mother helped you, ruth marie told me and we were supposed to do it our selves
GIRL:Well you had to make your’s yourself, your mothers dead, her mother’s dead
LILY:Shut up, i don’t need a mom

Sometimes these lies can get you, down and in the girlly baby.. Feels like your spinning round and round, out of control thats what……………….


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