Movie Quotes from Junior: Quotes from the movie Junior

1) (soothing 2, who’s in labor) OK, look, let’s imagine a garden with trees and birds cheeping, cheep, cheep, cheep. 2) (clamps a hand over 1’s mouth) Let’s imagine drugs.

1) You think you’re the first clown who woke up and said ‘I think I’ll have a kid’? 2) I didn’t say that. Why are you being so negative? 1) Hello? Anybody home? You’re a guy, Alex. This is totally against the natural order. Guys don’t have babies. That’s part of the beauty of being a guy! Didn’t your father ever have this talk with you? 2) Look, if you don’t want to help me, just say so, but I don’t need a lecture. 1) The hell you don’t! 2) If you could feel for one minute the sense of absolute joy and connection that carrying your baby brings, you would understand. 1) Listen to you! Have you lost it completely? Now come inside. (cut to inside) 2) If I carry this baby to term, it will be a miracle! 1) Shut up! 2) I would love, protect, and nurture that miracle with everything I have in me! 1) Stop! 2) No, I won’t stop it! I WANT MY BABY!

1-Baby push. 2-Yes. 1-What’s the matter with you? 2-Sympathy pains. 1-I hardly know you. You must be a very sypathetic guy. 2-Lately, yes.

1-Did anyone ever tell you that you eat like a pregnant woman? 2-I just like mixing cuisines.

Alex: is he gone? Larry: no, he’s in the pot!!

Diana Reddin: (to Alex) Why should I be upset!! You lie to me. You.. STEAL from ME. You engage in a utterly selfish, IMMORAL, arrogant stunt without any regard for my feelings whatsoever. What am I supposed to be, grateful?!? This is just SO MALE!!!

Dianna: Do you have a private room? Alex: Yes, why? Dianna: Well, call me old fashioned, but I’ll be damned if I’m having a baby with a man I’ve never slept with.

Do you think men don’t hold enough cards, you have to take THIS away from us as well?

Does my body disgust you?
My Body, Does it disgust you?

Dr. Hesse has left the building.

Larry Aborgast (to Alex): Hey prince charming!! the coatch is waiting!

Larry Aborgast (to Alex): Hey prince charming? the coatch is waiting!

Larry: (to Alex) So, you feel anything unusual? (to himself) What the heck am I talking about? ‘Anything unusual’…..

my body, my choice

My body, my choice.

See me I dont want to see you

You don’t know how often I’ve heard women complain, ‘I just wish a man could go through this’. You do it, and what do you get? Attitude and insults.

You think you’re the first clown whoever woke up and said, ‘I’m bored,
I think I’ll have a kid’?

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