Movie Quotes from Junior Bonner: Quotes from the movie Junior Bonner

–If this world’s all for the winners, what’s for the losers?
–Well, somebody’s got to hold the horses.

Bound to be back again.

But, Curly, this time, I’m talking about Australia…gold.

I don’t want you to turn out like the old man.

I’d fed up to here with your schemes.

I’m too lazy to work, too nervous to steal.

I’m workin’ on my first million, and you’re still workin’ on eight seconds.

Maybe I ought to take up another line of work.

Mobile homes are the thing of the future.

Money’s nobody’s favorite.

Rare metals…big future.

Rodeo man.

Well, second’s better than third.

You know less about these wide open spaces than I do. You’re just some kind of motel cowboy.

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