Movie Quotes from Joy Ride: Quotes from the movie Joy Ride

If we go in there dick’s hanging there just gonna call the police

(phone rings) 1. Hello? 2. I thought you told me there was no girl. 1. What? 2. You said there was no girl. 1. There isn’t any girl! 2. Then what is she doing in the other room with your brother?

– What about Venna?
– She stays put. But you are going in there…..naked.

…and if you could bring some pink champaigne, that’s my favorite.

1 Hey Black Sheep, you better get that fixed. 2 Get what fixed. 1 Your taillight.

1) GO AWAY> WE GOT A GUN 2) and i got a master card

1) I like it when it rains…it keeps everyone inside

1)…I’m gonna make you feel real good… 2)Man, this is turning ME on!

1)I NEED to talk to Candy Cane 2) You need to talk to a higly qualified phychiatrist

1. Are you boys all right to get back to the main road? 2. Yeah, fine,now that we’re not murdered.

1. Doesn’t look to bad. 2.~referring to car~ Yeah, I think the dents build some character. 1. Actually, I was talking about Fuller.

1. Everything OK? 2. Yeah, damn Ford won’t start and he wonders why I drive a Chevy.(pointing to brother hotwiring ’71 Ford pickup)1. No shit!

1. If one more damn maid knocks on my door asking about towels… 2. Sorry, Mr. Ellinghouse, it won’t happen again. 1. Sorry my ass! Where’s your boss? I want the real one, the white one, the one whose first language is f***in English? 3. (interuppting) I’ll take a room for the night, please. 1. Not done here, friend! 3. Sorry, amigo! (starts backing off) 1. I haven’t slept in two days, you best not mess with me! You just take care of your own shit!

1. Sexy choice(looking over car) 2. (in car) Yeah? 1. Vintage 1971 Chrysler Newport.

1. What kind of range is there on a CB? 2. I don’t know, maybe…five miles? 1. Well, I think we should get to a phone, call the cops in Table Rock, let them know that Rusty Nail is back in the area.

1. You came all the way to Salt Lake just for me? 2. Well, technically, you are still my brother.

1. You know, Black Sheep, you really ought to get that fixed. 2. Get what fixed? 1. Your taillight.

1. You know, Lewis, you really ought to get that fixed.
2. Get what fixed?
1. Your taillight.

1.Ok look you order 30 pizzas for your nieghbor and he opens up on the delivery guy with an ak 47 is that your fault? 2.Maybe it is. 1.Fine play the martyr all you want. 2. No thats not it i just dont know how im gonna walk away from here knowing what we did. 1. Just do what i do, remind yourself that in a hundred years youll be dead its the closest thing ive got to a philosophy. 2. Im takeing you to denver and thats it.


Candy Cane: Room 108…and dont forget the bottle of pink champaigne.

candy cane? I thought I’d lost ya… (lewis)Well I guess fate wouldn’t allow that, ‘glad to know you’ve been thinking about me…

canndy cane?

Fuller: 10 cheeseburgers, please. Waitress: You want fries with that? Owner: Is this a publicity stunt because if this wasn’t my restaurant…Lewis: A guy is gonna kill a friend of ours if we don;t do this-Owner: Guys, If this wasn’t my restaurant,I’d say it was a pretty good one.

Fuller: Back off man! I got a gun!
Ice truck guy: And I got your MasterCard.

Fuller: Come on, that guy sucks, ok, he totally bodychecked me on the way out.

Hey, Lewis, you know what I think is a real kick? Pretending that the person I’m talking to is right next to me…right next to me.

Hey, Lewis, you know what I think is a real kick? Pretending that the person I’m talking to is sittin right next to me… right next to me.

I miss Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, playing football with Dad on Sundays…wait, that’s somebody else’s childhood.

I’m thinkin’ that takin’ a little look-see might refreshify your memory.

im looking for candy cane

im not going anywhere until somebody tells me why i should be afraid of a radio

Listen you sick fuck. You pathetic lonely walkie talkie freak show mother fucker. I dont have to do anything , ya know why? Because i have something more powerfull than your psychosis. Its called a volume knob and all i have to do to make you go away is turn it all the way to the left…god damn.

No more bullshit small talk, about me, my relationships, or my car.

Okay, no cops till Jamestown, so feel free to speed like a motherf*ker for the next 40 miles or so.

Rusty Nail: I like it when it rains…it keeps everyone inside.

Rusty Nail: I NEED to talk to Candy Cane.
Fuller: You NEED to talk to a highly qualified phychiatrist.

So, you still good, or you need me to drive?

Something borrowed.

That is the pain in my ass, and now I got me another one, Mr. Ronald Ellinghouse,lying two inches from dead in my jurisdiction. F***! And all you know is his damn CB handle and MAYBE he drives a truck! Why? Because you sorry-ass punks thought you’d have some fun. Do you know how much shit I have to grapple with now because of what you assholes did? You! You got out of jail when, yesterday?

This is going to be like a good old-fashioned western, I want you out of Wyoming before the sun goes down.

This is like some kinda prehistoric internet.

This prick is such an asshole!

With the exception of the seat spring piercin my ass, this ride’s excellent!

You’re not getting anything from me you know why? Because I have something more powerful than your psychosis!

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