Movie Quotes from Judge Dredd: Quotes from the movie Judge Dredd

(dredd and fergie are close the city fire-hole)
dredd:are ready kidd?
dredd:now what,s wrong?
fergie:what,s wrong? did that helmet all these years get smaller yoúr
brains? you gonna get me killed!
dredd:there,s are mania in the city
fergie:there,s one here,too!
fergie:great time i have!plane crash,cursed earth, cannibals…
and now fireballs on my ass!this is only your fault!
dredd:my fault!can explane that?
fergie:if you havent arested me,i wont be here in the first place!
dredd,why dont you just kill me now?
(fire ball come)
ferigie:aaaaaargggh!that,s it! i gonna stay here until you abology!
dredd:law don,t abology
fergie:you are not law anymore now abology,i think i desiver that.
dredd:i haven,t never ablogy…

–How do you plead?
–Not guilty.
–I knew you’d say that.

–I am the law! Put down down your weapons and prepare to be judged.
–Judge this!
–I knew they’d do that.

–So tell me, Rico, what is the meaning of life?
–It ends.

1>The law doesn’t apologize.
2>That’s just it, you’re not the Law anymore.

1>Ya killed Junior, ya killed Link, you killed my Paw!

Driver: Hey c-mon, just write me out a slip okay,
Dredd: Driving with your permit band is a minimum5 year band. How do you plead.
Driver: Not Guilty,
Dredd: I knew you’d say that,
Driver: Hey don’t please noooo
Dredd: Grenade (grenade)
Driver: nooooooo
Dredd: Fire
Hershy: Subtle
Dredd: mmmm. Happy Motering

Emotions…there ought to be a law against them.

Fergie: What do we do. What do we do.
Dredd: Find Rico

I didn’t break the law, I AM THE LAW!!!!


status… Bodyguard
commander… Rico
Mission…were going to War

The best that you can do is kill me.

yeah well your stupid outlook to this isnt helping with you going and saying MR. I AM DA LAW! (rob inpersonating sylvester)

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