Movie Quotes from Johnny Be Good: Quotes from the movie Johnny Be Good

…I have to take an awful, putrid asparagus piss…

Every girl you had a hard on for is going to be out there tonight.

I broke my dick coach

I don’t care what those pinko commies say ,there is winning and nothing else!You wanna lose ,then go to Russia.

I know I am a man and my asshole is exit only.

I want Johnny Walker to go to UCC.

I’m done talking to God, now I’m talking to you. God wants you to put your foot on their balls and believe in it.

I’m telling you Leo, I had such a groove in Texas. I vomited margaritas the whole way home.

Johnny: Coach, I think I broke my dick

Rub some dirt on it and get back in there

That’s no chihuahua!

thie boy and girl shit hurts

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