Movie Quotes from John Tucker Must Die: Quotes from the movie John Tucker Must Die

he’s not even my date and he get’s me out of my pants

heather: It’s like prime time tucker, hasta lavista motha fuc..

hes not even my date and he gets me out of my skirt*

I wish it could just be simple,
like a retro-pop song
I want you to want me. Boom. End of Story.
We all live happily ever after.
But its never really like that, is it?

i wish life was like a song i want you to want me i need you to need me, but it’s never like that is it

I’d hit him with my car if he wouldn’t make body casts a fashion statement.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. My mom says I’m special on the inside.

John John John what about my feelings? *Crys loudly while covering his face*

John Tucker there is only one guy out there for me but you are NOT HIM!

Not deep? I am deep! I’m dating the poetry club!

Oh my gosh. I’m such a slut!


slut in trunk

this movie wass AMAZING. how could anybody not like it?

usually im opposed to the slaughter of animals, but in John Tucker`s case.. ill make an acception.

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