Movie Quotes from John Q: Quotes from the movie John Q

I’m not going to bury my son.
My son is going to bury me

-We got sound! Boss! We got sound!
-What about picture? We need picture!
-Hold on boss. I’m gonna make you famous!

1)Bureaucracy of the medical establishment, American family caught in the middle. 2)Right. Big guy versus little guy. We were thinking you could do one of them special interest pieces, you know? Send donations, write your congressman. That kind of thing. 3)Anything would help. 1)What they’ve done to your son is outrageous, and I want to help. But I’ve got to run it by my producers. I’ve got bosses, just like anyone else. So, leave me your phone number, and I’ll get back to you.

1)Hey, Dad? I’ve got forty-six dollars I saved from my allowance. You can have it if you want. 2)Yeah? 1)We’re a family. We’ve got to stick together, right? 2)Right. But you earned that money. You keep it.

1)Hey, sweetheart. How’s Mike? 2)They’re releasing him. 1)What? 2)Dr. Turner just left. They’re sending Mike home in the morning. 1)What are you talking about? They can’t just send him home. I gave them money yesterday. 2)It doesn’t matter. They’re releasing him. 1)But I spoke to the hospital. I took care of… 2)Yeah, you always take care of it. But it’s never enough, is it? You need to do something, John. Do you hear me? Do something.

1)Hey, ump, you’re blind! I hate this pitcher. How old is he, anyway?
2)He’s supposed to be twelve. 3)Twelve, my ass. Look at him. His beard just grew an inch between pitches! 4)Don’t let him rattle you, Mikey. Wait for your pitch.

1)Hi, Dad. You find me a heart? 2)Yeah, kid. We got you one. Look like you’ve got a guardian angel. Try to stay awake for a minute, will you? I just need to tell you a few things. I want you always to listen to your mother. Because she’s your best friend and family is important. And girls? You’re too young for them now, but when the time comes, treat them like princesses because that’s what they are. And if you say you’ll do something, do it, because your world should be your bond. And if you have a chance to make money, go for it, even if it means selling out once in a while. Don’t be a knucklehead like your father. Everything’s so much easier with money. Don’t smoke. And try to be kind. But if someone chooses you, be a man and stand up for yourself. And don’t get caught up in the bad things, there’s too many great things out there. Mike? 1)Yeah, Dad? 2)See you later, buddy.

1)I want you to let some of them go. 2)What for? 1)I do for you. You do for me. Show some good faith. We’ve got a lot of nervous people out here, John. Make everybody breathe a lot easier if we saw some happy faces. 2)Good faith only takes you so far. You see, I believe in the merit system. And so far, you haven’t earned any points.

1)I’m not asking for charity, Doc. I’ll pay. I don’t know how, but I swear to God, if it takes me the rest of my life, I will. You have my word as a man. 2)I’m sorry. I tried to help. But it’s out of my hands.

1)I’m the hostage negotiator. I’ve been a cop for thirty-five years and this is all I do. I don’t play games. And I don’t fool around. So if I say something, you can take it to the bank. Now, let’s get down to it. Is anybody hurt? 2)It’s an Emergency Room, Frank. Everybody’s hurt.

1)I’ve been working heavy machinery for fifteen years. I really want this job. Whatever you need, I can do. 2)I see. 1)Hey, I could start today. 2)Your resume is very impressive. You’ve certainly got the experience. Frankly, you might be overqualified.

1)Mr. Archibald. What are you doing? 2)I took your advice, Doctor. I’m not taking no for an answer.

1)No, no, no. You filed an appeal? An appeal is for an already existing claim. What you needed to file was a grievance. You’ll have to resubmit. But that could take up to thirty days. 2)I don’t have thirty days. 1)I know that. 2)And, frankly, I’m tired of getting the runaround. I need my son’s name on that list. 1)Mr. Archibald, your hospital bill is in excess of thirty thousand dollars. So far, we haven’t received any kind of payment. We have bent over backward to help you. 2)Oh, is that right? 1)Yes, sir, that is right. But there is a limit to this hospital’s generosity. Once and for all, you are not covered by insurance. We will need to guarantee payment. 2)You want money? Alright, I’ll get you your money.

1)The first step is to get Mike’s name on an organ recipient list. Once he does, his chances are very good. Your son’s an extremely rare type so there’s less demand. With B-positive blood, Mike could go to the top of the list right away. 2)It’s not that simple. There are other considerations before a prospective recipient is placed on the donor list, Mr. Archibald. The cost of transplant surgery is expensive. In most cases, prohibitively so. 3)I’ve got major medical. Don’t worry, I’m covered. 2)Actually, we’ve already checked with your carrier. There’s no provision in your policy for a procedure of this magnitude. 3)There must be some kind of mistake. My son is covered. I’ve got full medical. He’s covered. 2)What about you, Mrs. Archibald? Do you have coverage? 4)No. I’ve only been working at the market a short time. You need to be there two years before you get benefits. 2)I see that you don’t own your own home. No investments, stocks, bonds. And you have a little over one thousand in savings. 3)Did you hear what I said? I’m telling you, I’m insured. 2)That may very well be, but you’ll have to check with your carrier on that. In the meantime, I’m afraid we’re going to have to treat you as a cash account. 4)How much does a transplant cost? 2)Transplant surgery, doctor fees, post operative treatment and immunosuppressant drugs, you’re looking at two-hundred and fifty-thousand dollars minimum. 3)What are you saying? If I don’t come up with a quarter million dollars you’re not going to treat my son? 2)We have treated him. We continue to treat him. Now I understand how upset you are, sir. But with other options available, we are not obligated to cover a procedure this costly. If you opt for replacement surgery, that’s your choice. But the hospital maintains a very strict policy with respect to cash patients. We require a down payment before the patient’s name can be placed on the receiver list. 4)What kind of down payment? 2)Thirty percent. Seventy-five thousand. 3)Seve

1)The thing I don’t understand is why no one caught it before. Mike had check ups every year since the day he was born. Why didn’t his doctors pick it up? 2)Was he ever diagnosed with a murmur? 1)Yeah, he was. About a week after he was born. But his doctor said that was normal. That it happens all the time. 2)He might not have been tested thoroughly enough. 1)Why not? 3)You got an HMO, right? There’s your answer. HMO’s pay their doctors not to test. Their way of keeping costs down. Let’s say Mike needed additional testing, insurance says they won’t cover them. The doctor keeps his mouth shut and no one’s the wiser. Little Mike falls through the cracks, and come Christmas, the HMO sends the doc a big, fat bonus check. 1)Is that true? 2)Possible. Not likely, but possible. 1)Then Mike’s doctors could have known about his condition all along? And he could have been treated years ago? 2)Who knows? 4)Nothing personal, Doc, but you all are a bunch of damn crooks. 3)You see,here’s the problem. Over here, you’ve got your insurance companies who basically want you healthy or dead. That’s how they make money. And over here, you’ve got your medical establishment, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, who don’t want you healthy or dead. They want you sick. That’s the way they make money. 4)It’s all about getting paid, man. 3)And the individual is caught in the middle of this gigantic tug-of-war. It’s a game. And the end result is, people don’t get the treatment they deserve. 4)Because then no one gets paid. 5)But what about that thing you guys take? That promise? What do they call it? 6)The Hippocratic oath. 4)More like the hipp-crit-cial Oath to me. How’s that go, Doc? ‘I solemnly swear to take care of all sick folk, except those without major medical?’ 3)I’m telling you, it’s not that far from the truth. The shit happens all the time. Paramedics bring in some accident victim gasping for his last breath. Big boys in accounting find out they can’t pay, they send them packing. 5)Hos

1)There’s an operation that could save his life. I’m going to need some equipment but I’ve got two surgeons inside that are ready to go.
2)You listen to me, you sonofabitch. You give this up right now, turn yourself in. And your son will have any and every means of assistance. If not, if you keep this up, this is going to be very bad for you. 1)Are you threatening me, Chief? Take your best shot. Oh, I forgot, you already did. No, we’ll do this my way. You give me my boy, they do the surgery and then I give up. Nobody gets hurt and everyone goes home.

1)This is a waste of time. Four hundred people for one job. Give me a break. I’m telling you, somebody’s son, cousin, uncle has already got this job sewn up. 2)Jimmy, why do they put it in the paper if they’re not hiring? 1)They’ve got to put it in the paper to make it look good. State law or something. 2)Give it a rest, will you? 1)I’m just saying, it’s the run around. Mark my words. It’s either, ‘We’ll keep your application on file.’ That’s the kiss of death. Or they tell you that you’re overqualified. Either way, you’re screwed.

1)This X-ray is that of a normal, nine year old heart. This one is your son’s. There are septal defects here, here, and here, which have induced a myopathy resulting pulmonary edema, and malignant ventricular ectopy. As you can see, Mike’s heart is approximately three times normal size. 2)I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Could you pout that in layman’s terms? 1)Of course. Basically, there’s not enough blood being pumped by the heart, so it backs up in the lungs. Sort of like a sponge getting wet. Mike’s heart is trying, but I’m afraid it’s working too hard. 2)So what’s he need? An operation? 1)I’m afraid we’re considerably beyond the point of corrective surgery, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald. Your son’s heart is useless. He is going to need a transplant. 3)He’s nine.

1)We just can’t remove your heart and put it into Mike’s body. 2)There’s too many unknowns. Matching a donor and receiver is extremely complicated. There’s several critical tests that have to be taken. 3)Like what? 2)Cross matches for blood type, chest cavity measurements. If both blood tissues aren’t compatible, there’s a very high likelihood of rejection. 3)Come on, Doc. I know all about compatibility. We’ve been tested up the wazoo. Mike and I are both B-Positive. Our tissues are a match. And his heart is three times normal size which means mine will fit. You know damn well we’re compatible. 2)No, we don’t. You’re an adult. Mike is strong, but the amount of blood your heart pumps may be too much for Mike. 3)I’ll take that chance. It’s better than letting him die. 2)Out of the question. Too risky. 3)I’m telling you, he’ll make it. 2)Can’t do it, John. 3)You’re telling me that if I’m laying dead on the floor, you wouldn’t take my heart and put it in my kid to save his life? You’d let two people die instead of one because of a technicality?

1)We’ve got enough money for next month’s rent. That’s it. It was either the car or the house, so I thought… 2)You thought. 1)What did you want me to do? Have us put out on the street? I’m down to twenty hours a week a the plant. They shipped off half the damn jobs down to Mexico. 2)My car is gone, John. 1)You know I’m out there trying to find a second job. 2)What do you want me to say? That it’s fine? Alright, it’s fine. 1)The car’s still ours, Denise. We own it. All we have to do is wait two weeks until my check comes in.

1)What happened to Mike is bad, man. It’s the worst. It ain’t fair, but you can’t kill yourself. Sometimes you’ve just got to let go and let God take care of it. You’ve got to accept it. 2)Accept what? 3)That Mike’s going to die. 2)No. I don’t accept it. I reject it out of hand.I know you only think of Mike as a patient, but he’s a great kid. Really. He’s like magic, you know? He loves bodybuilding. You believe that? And he’s funny. You’d like him, Doc. You’d really like him, if you knew him. 3)I do like him. 2)Please. You’ve got to help him. I’m begging you. If you ever do anything outside the rules, do this. Take a chance, please. 3)I’d like to. I really would. But what you’re asking crosses the line. It’s completely unethical. 2)I’ve crossed the line? No, you’ve crossed the line. The whole system has crossed the line. I don’t think you understand. I’m not letting him die. Haven’t you figured that out by now? I don’t care what I have to do. 3)So, what, you’re going to kill me if I don’t operate. 2)No. I’m going to kill myself.

1)You don’t want to treat my kid? Fine. I’ll take him over to County Memorial. 2)Trust me. You don’t want to do that. 1)I don’t, huh? Watch me. It’s a county hospital. They have to treat him. 2)No they don’t. Transplantation is always considered an elective procedure. This hospital’s politics are particularly infuriating, but you’re in the right place. Believe me. You want Dr. Turner. His bedside manner is terrible, but he’s one of the foremost surgeons in the country. 1)What do you want us to do? You heard Payne. We’re a cash account. 2)I know it’s outrageous, but don’t give up. Talk to your insurance company. Check with our Human Resources Department for medical assistance, State Children’s Services, Medicaid. Just don’t take no for an answer.

1. So your gonna kill yourself, and give your heart to your kid? 2. Only one things stopping me 1.What? 2.If you have the same blood type

1.What was the shooter like? 2.A very nice man, a great man. 1. The shooter!

He said, ‘America is the greatest goddamn country in the world.’ Now excuse us, I have to take this man to jail.

Here is my will…it says that I leave my heart to my son

Hey, what good would the world be without you? Without you, there is no world.

i am not going to bury my son!

I get it. You a member of the Slapaho Tribe.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew you was a member of the Slap-A-Ho tribe!

I’m sorry. I’m a lousy drunk, okay? I get out of control. I don’t mean to, but I do and I lose my mind. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. And I’ll change. I swear to God, I will. It’s you and me, baby. All the girls in the club, they don’t mean shit to me. It’s only you. I’ll get down on my knees if you want me to. Look, I’m on my knees in front of everyone. I’ll even forget you kicked me in the nuts. Come on.

I, I, I bullshit! You tried to kill me. You tried to kill me while I was talking to my boy!

If it’s expensive for us, It’s expensive to you

im not going to bury my son, my son is going to bury me!

John Q.: I am not gonna bury my son. My son is gonna bury me.

John Q.: See you in the funny papers.

Let’s get something straight, Mister. You can’t use me to make a case against John. I support my husband. Whatever he does. I’m on his side. Not yours.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s bluffing. Maybe he’s just a nice guy with a problem. Maybe he’s misunderstood and needs to blow off a little steam. Hey, it’s possible. But I can’t depend on that, Frank. This asshole has raised the stakes real high. And I need to match it, just in case he’s not bluffing. Now, we’ve got five minutes before he starts throwing bodies out the door. I’ve got a chance to end this right now and I’m taking it.

My kid’s down to hours and minutes, Doc. Things don’t get more temporary than that.

My son is dying, and I’m broke. If I don’t qualify for Medicare, WHO THE HELL DOES?

My sone is dying and I’m broke. If I don’t qualify for Medicare, who
the hell does?!

No you shut up. I hate the little bastard, but he’s right. You know how easy it is to get a gun in this country? In five minutes. Boom.

Not goodbye – I hate goodbye – see you later…

Our son is upstairs dying, and all youcan do is sit here and talk about money?

Raymond: That’s not how it works.
Mitch: That’s EXACTLY how it works. Maybe not up on the fifth floor, but in here, you get a bandaid, a foot in the ass and you’re out of here!

That’s what faith’s about – believing what you don’t wanna believe.

The hospital is under new management now! Free health care for everyone!

There will be a time for girls..and when they come around..treat em’ like princesses..cuz that’s what they are.

This hospital is under new management, ladies and gentlemen. From now on, free care for everyone.

This is my fault. When the hospital told me they were releasing Mikey, I was furious. I yelled at John to do something, anything. I never thought…

This is my will. I’m leaving my heart to my son.

This just came in over the police radio. Someone is holding Hope Memorial hostage.

We all know how this works, people. In order for Mike to live, someone has to die. I’m the father. It might as well be me.

You always listen to your mother
You understand?
Do what she tells you to
She’s your best friend
You tell her you love her everyday
Now you’re too young for girls right now
But there’s going to com a time
And when it does
You treat them like princesses
‘Cause that’s what they are
When you say you’re going to do something, you do it
Because your word is your bond Son and that’s all you have
And money…you make money
Whenever you get the chance
Even if you got to sell out once in a while
You make as much money as you can
Don’t be stupid like your father
Everything is so much easier with money son
Don’t smoke
Be kind to people
If somebody chooses you, you know we talked about this
You stand up, You be a man
And stay away from the bad things son
Don’t get caught up in the bad things
So many great things are there for you
Ill never leave you
I’m always with you
Right there
I love you Son

You and your staff did over three hundred operations last year. It’s right here on page 4 of the hospital brochure. Nice color pictures, happy faces. Three hundred plus surgeries at a quarter million a pop. That’s seventy five million dollars your department took in. Couldn’t you do just one on good faith?

You from the slapaho tribe. You like to beat that young lady there and everybody knows it.

You want me to put his name on the list, fine, but it’s a mistake. You give in to this man, there’s going to be guns in every hospital in America.

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