Movie Quotes from Jackass: The Movie: Quotes from the movie Jackass: The Movie

Johnny-I was Lon Chaney’s lover! Clerk- Then go back and love him!

(After Steve-o walks the tight rope over gators)
Cameraman- I thought you would make it at least half way…
Steve-o- Yea, I just dont know man… I’m sure I could learn, but today was my first try, hahaha

(sigh)god damn…this is the bmx tud-of-war.

-Is this the worst you’ve ever had to go boom-boom?
-Naw, I shit my pants at the fair once.

1) Hey Johnny, where we going? 2) [really incoherent] To the hospital. 1) And why would we be going there? 2) Apparently I have a huge gash on my head and I think I’m a little concussed.

1) Yeah, I hit a dog. 2) A dog isn’t going to that.

Apparently I have a big gash in my head, and I think I’m a little concussed.

Apparently, I have a big gash in my head, and I think I’m a little concussed

But it’s got a full tank of gas.

Chopsticks are so stupid.

Did you see how I caught that beanbag with my stomach? Thats instinct, man, that shit cannot be taught.

Did you see how I caught that beanbag with my stomache. That’s instinct, you cant teach that.

Did you see the way I caught that beanbag with my stomach? That’s instinct, you can’t teach that.

Does Partyboy perfer men or women? He doesnt care if the Bears hungry he’ll eat!

God damn, this is the BMX Tug-of-war. -Ryan Dunn


hey my man!wasabi…lots!

Hey, hey, who is gonna do the gooch?


Hi I’m Ryan Dunn, and I’m about to get the shit kicked outta me by a girl.

Hi, this is Jackass and im Raab Himself.

I could sure go for a Miller High Life.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m just gonna kill myself after I lose my weiner.

I feel like a have to shit my ass

i feel like i have to shit my ass

I guess i dont have any last words, except im going to kill myself when my wiener gets cut off

i love u kourt! (doofer) love booger! lol

I promise I will get my mom to say fuck by the end of the movie.

I’m Raab Himself and I’m a complete fucking idiot.

is butterbean ok?

Is Butterbean okay?

Jesus Christ Bam, I almost broke my leg getting out of there.

Knoxville knocked my nuts in half.

Like, I don’t even like pick a tattoo unless I’m prreeettyy sure people are gonna laugh every time they see it.

Look at Phil’s Tummy!

Look at Phil’s tummy.

Manny pleaese tell me I’m a man.


My name’s wee-man, and this is a big cone.

oh johnny knoxville he made it! oh there is a god. i can’t believe it this is the end THIS IS THE END!!!!

Since we don’t have to bleep cuss words, I PROMISE you I will get my mom to say fuck by the end of this movie.

Steve-o: I need a pick me up. (snorting wasabi).

Stick the chicken bone in your ass!

That is the scarfucking thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

That’s all me. Those are my bananas.



This isnt gonna work

um hey im gurl and bam wouldnt have 2 suk sum ones dick 2 get explosions i would suk his 4 free. and as 4 johnny well all i can say is dat dude i wish i was older!!

Waita minute, i already know my future….ITS PARTYING!! -party boy

We’re here in Japan, and I feel like partying..

What the hell are you doing? Huh? What are you doing? Oh, Im sorry, Im almost done. I hope you aint taking a shit in that son-of-a-bitch, cuz you know your going to get to help clean it out, pal.

whatever it is, it hurts

Who’s Dick Do I Have To Suck To Get Some Explosions Around Here?

{Partyboy}Ins ins ins ins ins ins

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