Movie Quotes from Jackal, The: Quotes from the movie Jackal, The

–How did you know whose phone to tap?
–I didn’t. So I tapped everybody’s.

–I wonder if we’ll ever know who the hell he was.
–We know all we need to. He was evil. He is dead. And he’s gone.
Nothing more matters.

1) Miss Koslova is it ? What would your first name be ? 2)(exhales smoke) Major . MAJOR Koslova

1)..that’s the only chance you’ll ever have to walk out of here . ANd that’s a one time offer . You can take itor leave it 2)..stuff it then .

I loved that man like a brother. So I took no joy in that. Imagine
what I can do with someone I hate.

I submit

I told you it was off!

just you and me, kid

Your talking about a man who’s had 20 years in a buisness that doen’t forgive error . And he’s prevailed . You think it you he’s up against ? The other way round .

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