Movie Quotes from Igby Goes Down: Quotes from the movie Igby Goes Down

(1)What kind of name is Igby? (2)The kind of name that someone named Sookie is in no position to question.

(I): Oliver is majoring in neo-fascism at Columbia.
(O): Economics.
(I): Semantics.

(Igby) Not going to New jersey isn’t procrastinating, its common sense.

…Her one woman show wasnt terribly well received at the Pyramid tongiht. I told her that Luft was just too obscure. People just think that youre doing a bad Liza…People arent ready for Peeka.

1)Are you a vegetarian? 2)Why would you ask something like that? 1)I’ve just never seen anyone roll a joint like that 2)What does that have to do with being a vegetarian? 1)Well they’re just so precious 2)I roll perfect joints! 1)I’m not putting them down, they’re incredible 2)Thank you 1)It’s incredible that a human being could roll such neat little joints 2)You make it sound like I’m anal or something 1)No not anal, vegetarian 2)What does that mean? 1)Well, you don’t roll like big rasta-splif joints do you? Your joints are like salad joints, not big, sloppy, bleeding cheeseburger-that-you rip-into kind of joints 2)I guess marijuana isn’t a visceral experience for me; sex is for me 1)Right 2)Okay so I am a vegetarian but for strictly moral reasons

1- What kind of name is Igby?
2- One that a person named Sookie is in no position to question.

1:We’ve gotta go now. 2:I can’t go now, Igby. Things have changed. 1:You are my friend. That hasn’t changed.

Anne Frank! Anne Frank! The soldiers are gone. Come out and play.

Do you plan on bathing sometime this week? It seemed to have slipped your mind last week.

Good things come to obsessive-compulsives who fixate.

Good things come to obsessive-compulsives who fixate…

He was ten-speeding a gazillion miles per hour through Central Park. You know, racing with all the other young Turks. When, all of a sudden he caught a glimpse of himself in the handlebar mirror and became so… aroused by it that he burst his Speedo shorts which then got caught in the gears and threw him right on his face. Splatter.

His creation was an act of animosity. Why shouldn’t his life be one?

How many Vasser professors and intellectual theologians beget nymphomanaical, pseudo-Bohemian JAPs?

Humor me and fuck off.

I am drowning in assholes

I believe that certain people in life are meant to fall by the wayside – to serve as warnings for the rest of us, signposts along the way. ~ D.H.

I love the fact that the captain of the morality team invites his chick to the same party as his wife, who let’s face it, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed anymore. And what’s more, none of their supposed mutual friends protects her. None of them bats a fucking eyelash at his hypocrisy. I love that, I really do. Embrace your moral hypocrisy, D.H., go for it.

I think he really should have considered his fucking options…don’t you?

I was going to say we were both born only children, but that sounds like something you would say.

I’m not going with you igby. But i’m scared

I’m only as effective as you allow me to be.

If heaven is such a wonderful place then how come being crucified is such a big fucking sacrifice?

If heaven is such a wonderful place, then how is getting crucified such a big sacrifice?
~Igby Slocumb

Igby to Sookie: You’re a real fucking upper.

Igby:It’s ironic that the first time in my life that I feel remotely affectionate for her, is when she’s dead.
Oliver: You beat up her corpse.
Igby: I know, but after that.

It’s just you and me old man.

Ok, so I am vegitarian, but for strictly moral reasons.

Oliver: Our father would be a slippery when schizophrenic sign, for instance….along the highway of life.

Pavlov’s pothead… I hear the sound of a bong clink and my eyes begin to water.

pavlov’s pothead: whenever I hear a bong clink, my eyes begin to water

Second watch is early.

She’s a dancer who doesn’t dance. He’s a painter who doesn’t paint. It’s like a bohemian version of the Island of Misfit Toys.

She’s a dancer who doesn’t dance. He’s a painter who doesn’t paint. It’s like the Boho version of the Island of Misfit Toys.

You are a furious boy and eventually it’s gonna eat you up.

You have been a very bad older brother…

You know what I think about when I’m this close to another body? I think one day, at one moment, this body that I’m holding in my arms will stop breathing, stop living, just… stop.

you see, i have this…i feel this great pressure coming down on me. It’s crushing me.

Yuck, is this strawberry?

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