Movie Quotes from Idle Hands: Quotes from the movie Idle Hands

yeah so we can go jam to hanson and jewel… what are we total losers?

(1)there were all these chicks voices.. and that music.. (2)music? (3)yeah, sorta uncool music, sorta like like, enya!

1) Ants? They were killed by ants? 2)Please don’t be stupid!.. do you have like an evil aunt or something?

1) havent you seen the news?! 2) naw i fuckin hate that show

1) You think we should tell him that we wrote that?
2) Fuck it.

1)havent u seen the news?! 2)na, i hate that fucking show

1)I don’t know man, it’s pretty gross. Maybe we should clean it up first. 2)Yeah and while we’re at it we’ll jus clean the whole fucking house! Come on, this ain’t our mess…

1)I don’t wanna hurt you Mick! 2) THEN DON’T!!

1)i got in a fight with my cat
2)whoa you got your ass kicked

1)man, I was gonna get some. 2)I really doubt it.

1)Oh wow, u guys that it so cool 2)ok carefull there, its on kinda loose

1. ewwwww…look at this mess maybe we should clean it up
2. Yeah and while were at it lets clean the whole fucking house…pause
This aint our mess man

1. hey man, like the bong i made in shop? 2. ohmygawd!! it’s mighty joe bong.

1: you guys are dead! 2: UNdead actually. 1: what? What happened? 2: see there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, with girls ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahh’ing 1: AND??? 2: we said FUCK IT, it was too far

1:sweet Jesus! 2:that was not my fault! that thing shud have come down a lot slower!!!!!!

1Don’t Open It Don’t Open It No 2 Sorry Man there Was Only Two We Brought The Anticeptic And A Heap Of Bandages

Run, Duke, Run!!

The killer was wearing your shirt!!!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Look at me! I am leatherface!

all u do is smoke weed and watch t.v all day

Alright… Im not going through all this Tanya but you can stay if you want to get a peice… haha!

and there were these voices, calling us into the light through this long tunnel. we were going to go but we figured, fuck it. i mean it was really far.

ANTS?? they wer killed by ants????????

As usual, marijuana saves an otherwise disastrous day.


Burrito, burrito, burrito

dearly beloved… we are gathered here today becasue your all dead

Dearly beloved…we’re gathered here today, because you’re all dead…and it’s my fault. Mom, Dad…what can I say? I mean…you brought me into this world. You put a roof over my head. You fed me until I killed you. So I guess if you look at it that way, I haven’t been a good son, but I’m really, really, really sorry…and wherever you are…I just want you to forgive me because…I’m gonna try to change. Mick, Pnub, guys. You guys were the greatest. I mean, I’m never going to forget the way we sat around all day watching TV, and got really stoned. And all those other times where we just — I guess that’s all we did Amen.

devil girl with nothiing to lose got, wind in her hair and gum on her shooeeesss.

devil girl with nothing to lose, got wind in her hair, and gum on her ssshhhhhhhhoooooooooeeeeeeessssssssss

Devil girl with nothing to lose, she’s got wind in her hair and gum on her shoes.

Did you remember to blow out the candles downstairs?

dude dont forget my bong; 2: u did not make that bong; 1 yes i did i welted it and shit

Dude… why don’t you just go over there and tell her your name. HA! Maybe she’ll think your (snorts from laughing) funny or something.

Ease up there kitten – im telling you the truth!


Go over there and you can be like her knight in shining armor all *do dodo DO!*

Groovin’ to Hanson and Jewel.

Hey I know my rights! You can’t site me for possesion of a baggy!

hey your right… anton does screams like a girl.

i cut off my hand… and not its gunna kill you all!!

i gotta stop the blood flow… dont you ever watch E.R?

I mean there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel right? and there was these chicks voices and that music. music? yeah kind of uncool music like enya. and these chicks voices they were saying come to us, come towards the light. so what happened? ahh, we figured fuck it. i mean it was really far

I wanna be sedated.

i was going to say listen to the officer but just kill him

I’m gonna go call 911. What’s the number?

I’m gonna go call 911…what’s the number again?

Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

Isnt that knife a little extreme kitten?

Look at me! I’m leatherface!

look at that nasty thing!!! thats gunna get infected for sure!

mom… dad… what can i say? i mean- you brought me into this world, you put a roof over my head, you fed me… until i killed you

my dad may have a problem with some dirty bloody guy banging his daughter

my parents have a problem with me going out with dirty bloody guys

Nine o’clock, Druid time.

Now its time for the ritualistic sex

Oh my God.. The killer was wearing your shirt!!

Oh Shit the killers here…Te killers in my house

ohhh you’re kinky

okay that wasnt my fault. that thing should of come down A LOT slower!!

Once again, marijuana saves an otherwise disatrous day.

Peanutbutter jelly!


That is some one-hit-shit right there boy…

That should have come down a LOT slower than that!

Thats why Im always workin on the Ford

There is evil out there, and I’m gonna kick its ass!

There was this bright white light and all these chicks voices saying: come to us, come towards the light; we figured fuck it, it was REALLY far.

There was this white light and all these girls voices…But we thought no way! I mean, it was REALLY far!!

theres something wrong with my friend… he took like.. nutmeg or something….

this aint dominos u lazy bitch! come get it yourself!

This aint Dominos you lazy bitch, come get it yourself

those things dont even cut my bagel!!

Well if your mom had teeth she wouldn’t suck dick so well.

well our work here is done, now for the ritualistic sex… you coming?

what do you got there a cue ball

Who’s your daddy now, Bitch!!

Why would we go to Hell? We weren’t bad. Well, we weren’t good or anything. But at least we don’t go aroud KILLING PEOPLE!

You lied to me!
You killed me! Let’s try to keep things in perspective here.

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