Movie Quotes from Imaginary Heroes: Quotes from the movie Imaginary Heroes

– Everyones always asking me – what do i want to do with my live…Suddenly It Matters-Well…-Do You Have Something That You Love?-*long pause* Yes.-Then You Need To Do That For The rest of your life, And You’d Better Hope To God Your Good At It…Or You’ll Probably Fail.

1. I used to collect Pennys.
2. I used to collect Verns.
1. Do you have a 1971 in mint condition?

I didn’t ask you, Nurse SHIT-FOR-BRAINS.

I’m not buying you chocolate.

It was the ecstacy.

It’s a war wound.

Look at the stars. Same stars as last week. Last year. When we were kids. When we weren’t even born. In a hundred years, no one will ever know who we were… They’ll know those same stars.

Penny-Is there a such thing as a human heart. That is the question.
Tim- If you listen closely you can hear them breaking.

That one looks like it hurts.

Tim: He spent a lot of time in the shower. Sandy: He was masturbating. Tim: He was crying.

What are you, like 13?

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