Movie Quotes from How High: Quotes from the movie How High

(1)Yo Ivory! (2) Talk to your boy

-I didn’t know you had dreads!And what is that on yo face?
-Brotha just extensions put in today…they tight, right?
-Where? Between your eyes? What?! What is that!?!?!
-It’s the mark of Buddha
-It’s the skid mark of Buddha…. it looks like he took a dump in the middle of your face! Nuh uh, I don’t think this gonna work.
-Now hold up baby! I rented Field of Dreams and Dances With Wolves…
-Nucca! You are a wolf!!!

-We’ve got a test in about fivee minutes!


1.if you build it they will come 2.what you mean if you build they gone come whose these people gon come to a fuckin cornfeild who gon cut the grass i know you dont expect me to sell peanuts out this bitch shit remind me of slavery roots or somthin

1.shit i fucks with you 2. i fucks with you to 3. is that good .yeah 3.then we fucks with eachother

1.WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? disrepect sire but my bombaclad johnson no workin see 1. What? 2.Me rascat true gashman and me dic wont stay tick see 1. oh i got somthin for that

been pimpin,since been pimpin,since been pimpin,since been pimping


DAMN Ivory! I didn’t know you could stink so good

Dean Cain: YOU were dropping CHEESE DOODLES on an original, 18th century, HAND WOVEN TAPESTRY!!! I got this in my travels to Nepal!
Red: …You mean this carpet? Man, I know the bitch that make these rugs, (to Meth) you know Juanita and-
Meth: Yeeeeaah I remember that bitch.

did you just call me an asshole? no i said idiot

did you wash your ass today?

Don’t be skurred…it’s only Pussy!

Excuse me Sir but SUCK MY DICK

Girls like that only know 3 words… NO STOP & DONT…Naw Man you got that all wrong.. all they be sayin to me is NO DONT STOP!

Girls:We’re virgins Guys:Nooooo… Girls:Yeesss Guys:no no no… Girls:yes yes yes… Guys:No No No… Girls:YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

He wrote on a piece of paper I need money. I said Shit me too. We started making it together after that.

Hey Annie, You crazy hoe

i figure i get high take the test how get high scores

i just wanna develop my herbal in a real lab, and get some head while im doing it! HEH!

I’m from Wisconsin.

If the grass is green play ball if not play in the mud

im a ghost ghost ghost ghost!

is that all momma

Jamal, YOU have the most…amazing….PENIS
Jamal: Yes i do

Jamal: (Punches Car) Man i must not be high enough.
Silus: He’s a ghost man
Jamal: Hmm, coo. That explains everything.

Maaaan, yo haircut game is FUCKED! Girlfriend see dat, she gon shit on you!

Maybe you can give me a reward? Like more of the plant!

Meth: Where he sleeping?
Redman: Havard….Lovell House…Second Floor…Right on the Couch!

pimpin since pimpin since been pimpin

popcorn playa!

Quiz my ass. A white man teaching black history anyways. Thats some bullshit. I’m goin to lunch and then to take a nice long shit.

Redman: Oh shit we got a blackman for a teacher. Methodman: see now thats what im talkin bout, whats up bro..holla *barking* man hes tryin to dis us. GET EM! Redman: Little green jimmy the cricket suit wearin ass mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: Short colin powell havin ass mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: Angela Davis mustash wearin ass mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: Richard Prior short cut wit a fade havin around the side wearin ass mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: Sammy Davis award junior afro hair cut havin ass mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: mmm Dynamite disco danny devistatin mo fucker. Methodman: GET EM! Redman: Don Cornelius wit a hair cut…. Dean: GENTLEMEN!

roll that shit, smoke that shit, pass that shit!


Study High, Take The Test High, Get High Scored

That shit on your lip, got some shit on it’s lip

When i was twelve, i used to love watching my 2 dogs hump!

Where’smybitches….Commooon withit,…..And let it flaaayyyy……..
Not On Your self’s, shit


Yes sir, Dean Cain Sir!

you from the west coast, im from the farrrr west coast

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