Movie Quotes from HouseSitter: Quotes from the movie HouseSitter

… and he looked at me- and he smiled.

1) You are so nuts! 2)An you are so sane!It’s perfect!

1) You told them I was SORRY? 2)Well, you did say you regretted the situation.

1) You’re interesting. 2)Really? 1)Yeah, you’re so- average.

1)And then came Maui. 2)What happened in Maui? 3)Gwen might as well tell it.

1)Hey, you tricked me. 2)I didn’t trick you, I deceived you. 1)What’s the difference? 2)Intention.

1)So I guess you better show me where your phone is. 2)(sneezes)I don’t have a phone.
1)But I asked you if I could use it and you said yes. 2)That’s not what you asked me.
1)That is exactly what I asked you! 2)You asked me if you could come up here and sleep with me and you know that as
well as I do.

1)What are you a law student or something? 2)Hey! 1)I guessed it? You’re a law student? Where do you go to school?
2)Don’t you mean gwere do I go to school? 1)I admit I got a little carried away back at the resteraunt- 2)I’m not a law student.
1)Why’d you tell me you were a law student. 2)I didn’t tell you I was a law student, you told me I was a law student. I just told you I wasn’t a law student.

1. ..and now a college education! 2. and dance classes. 1. must we forget?

1. 611 Hillsaide. And do you think you can have that delivered by tonight? 2. What was that adress again? 1. 611 Hillsaide. That cute, little house that Newton Davis built. 2. That house is vacant 1. Well we’re moving back. My name’s Gwen. I’m his wife. 2. Mine’s George. I’m his father.

1. Becky? Becky Metcalfe? Oh Davis has told me all about you! Did he tell you about me? 2. No, I didn’t even know he was married.

1. Did you hear that George? 2. I’m right here Edna. 1.My boy cried.

1. I don’t believe it.I just don’t believe it. 2.You don’t? Which part?

1. I don’t have the cash to pay for all this. 2. Don’t be silly. On your account. Harve. Harve. Grab a perculator off the shelf.

1. I love you Gwen. 2. Actually, it’s Jessica.

1. Keep your wallet in your pocket, Davis. 2. But I want you to have something. 1. I don’t want your money! I will take the furniture.

1. Oh, that is so rich! 2. RICH???

1. One at a time please. 2 & 3. SHUTUP!

1. That doesn’t give you the right to, at the drop of a hat, to dispairage my reputation!
2. Your reputaion! You’re a con artist!

1. What did the note say? 2. I’ll tell you what it said. It said marry me, Gwen. I’m lost without you.

1. Why don’t you call the boy? 2.Uh- I don’t think that would be a very good idea. You know, for the time being why don’t you just send messages through me? 3.Well could you- oh just tell him, for god’s sake, to come home.

Bye! See you at choir practice!

Every marriage has to end, but not because of me! Don’t you understand!? You’re married!

Grow feathers and shit in a tree!

I like what you’ve done with the negative space.

I punched a totally innocent Hungarian!

Is that the best you could do for parents?! You got them off the street for God’s sake!

Lemon or sugar?

Oh this is so Davis.

purge, gwen, purge.

Say Gwen, gwen do you get off and gwere can we gwo?

Should I tell everyone to gather by the river, because that’s where they’re going to find your body!

truth be told….

We used to wash each other’s hair.

What marriage?

You could go to jail for this.

you had him buildin’ your damn tree house and on your adventure walks and on the day he offered you this house and you blew it, i’m the one who found him, and i’m the one who knows what he’s worth-and you’re the one he wants god dammnit!

You’re a shit.

You’re like the Ernest Hemingway of bullshit!

You’re the Ernest Hemingway of bullshit!

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