Movie Quotes from Hot Shots! Part Deux: Quotes from the movie Hot Shots! Part Deux

(Guy spits up balls and says in a high-pitched voice)OK, you win.

(in subtitle)
What a pretty man.

(in subtitles)
1) come abord, have some fudge.
2) I can’t I’m on Jenny Craig.

(Sheen, after falling headfirst into the ground) That’s right Cindy, it’s 7 minutes after the hour, and here’s The Buckinghams with Kind of a Drag……

(standing next to the gate of a wight pickett fence)
1) It’s locked. From the inside!
2) Were gona die, were all gona die!
3) Get a hold of yourself. Blow it!
1) I can’t, it’s not our property.
3) Just do it!

(Topper) I wanna meet your parents and pet your dog. (Girl) My parents are dead Topper my dog ate them.

…and why did i bring helium, instead of air?

1 It’s your wife, Hillary Rodham Hussain. 2 Oh sweet Mary Joseph, I forgot to pick her up at the laundromat. Say i’m at an execution, no signing a death warrant. 1 You just missed him. 2 Thanks. I owe you one.

1) Williams, Com Sink Pack Ram Set M-O-S 92 H-Tack Offspeck Pattywhack.
2) Pattywhack?
1) Give a dog a bone, sir.
2) Of course.

1) cookie?
2) no thank you sir.
1) young lady?
3) no thank you sir.
1) no, no i was offering him a young lady.

1) I can’t walk. They’ve tied my shoelaces together 2) A knot…bastards!

1) I’m putty in your hands.
2) In my hands nothing turns to putty.
1) (swallowing) GULP

1) Of all the places in all the world, you had to walk into mine 2) It’s the sequel, I had to come 1) Do you have any idea what the critcs will say? Same washed over characters.

1) What are ya readin’?
2) Great expectations.
1) You like it?
2) Well it’s not everything i hoped for.

1)… I wanna meet your parents and pet your dog 2)My parents are dead Topper and my dog ate them 1)im sorry

1)I can’t walk. They’ve tied my shoelaces together. 2)A knot!

(Troop is jumping out of a plane)
Rabinowitz: GERONIMO!!!
Harbinger: GERONIMO!!!
Indian: ME!!!

A:(says name in American Indian dialect)
B: What does it mean?
A: Fluffy Bunny Feet.

Get me Topper Harley

green, green, green, green, green.

Haa! you’ll never stop me now!

Hemala McGraw! My eyes!

I do love you, but no matter what i do to try and forget you, your face is always on the tip of my toungue…

i look forward to blowing something up for you sir

I loved you in ‘Wall Street’.

I loved you in wall street!

I’m gonna squash you like a melon!

I’m not saying I do trust you, I’m not saying I don’t, but I don’t

I’m not saying I do turst you, I’m not saying I don’t, but I don’t

I’m not saying I don’t trust you and I’m not saying I do. But I don’t.

If I was joking I would have said a horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks ‘why the long face?’

If you think you can hurt me again, your wrong. I left my heart in my other pants.

in a pig’s ear!

Interesting fact: Actor Richard Crenna invented tartar sauce.

Let’s make this quick, i’m not felling too well. I took a torpedo round, to the stomach, in the south pacific, and they replaced every inch of my lower intesance with hemp. Clogs e-zly.

Now I’ll kill you ’till you die from it!.

Now we are going to fight the old navy way. First one to die, loses!!

Of all the missions in all the jungles you had to wlak into this one.

One pig snout sandwich.

President Benson) Senator NAME, Emporor Heroheto, my fellow Americans, and our millions of illegal aliens: It seems like just yesterday that I was straffing all your homes. Now. I’m standing here begging you not to make such good automobiles. Ahh, excuse me for a second the danm toung has gone dry on me again. It’s not mine, you know. Noo, lost mine to some commie kid over in Laos. It’s probably a door stop somewheres as far as I know. I got this one from a Bassit Hound. Lap Glug Lap Glug Lap Glug (drinking champaign from a glass in the same maner as a dog).

Empopor Heroheto’s wife) Go start the car (throwing her napkin to the groung)


Saddam Hussein: Sufferin’ Succotash!

THey’ve dicked with the wrong dictator!

this all day sucker is down to the soggy white stick

Topper) Mr. President.
President Benson) No your not, he’s an older man, about my hight.
Topper) I’m Topper Harley.
President Benson) Thank god… and about this calling yourself the president, I wouldn’t call myself it, you shouldn’t either, it just dosen’t hold water. Speeking of which, neither do I. Let’s step away from these power cables.

War. It’s Fantastic!

we’ll do this the old navy way; first guy to die looses!

You see, they’ve taken a supreem vow of celibacy, like thier fathers and their fathers before them.

you yankee doodle dork of a pig!

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